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  • Implicit Association Test Essay

    the Implicit Association Test (IAT) Race Test was not as surprising to me as the results for the IAT Gender Test. According to the IAT Gender Test, I had a slight association of males with the word “career” and females with the word “family” compared to males with the word “family” and females with the word “career.” I had thought I would score higher on the association of females with family and males with a career. Although there was this difference, these results show that my unconscious and conscious beliefs were different. For the Gender Test, I believe that my results showed a slight favor to the association of males with career and females with family due to my experience. The women in my family, both nuclear and extended, are usually the ones who initiate family events, and bring the family together. At the same time, most of them are the primary giver in the family, or support the family financially and emotionally. The females in my family are interested in succeeding in their careers, and most of them hold high positions in their career. Most of the males in my…

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  • Overview Of The Blue Ash Business Association

    ethnographic research of the Blue Ash Business Association. The main object that this research will focus on is how business associations contribute to the community? The ethnography research will be observing and understanding the meeting of the Business Association and conducting interviews with some members in the association. This research also will identify some lexis and language that members use during their meetings. The point of this observation is to answer the research question of how…

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  • Implicit Association Test

    The Implicit Association Test exists to unravel and illustrate where people’s unconscious biases in different topics. It measures how strong associations are “between concepts and evaluations or stereotypes” (“Project Implicit”). With these measurements, people can be more consciously aware of their implicit biases and associations. This can help lessen prejudices and discriminatory acts because more people are becoming aware with this test. I took Asian IAT, Sexualty IAT, Gender-Science,…

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  • National Rifle Association Analysis

    One of the biggest advocates of protecting the second amendment is the National Rifle Association. The Encyclopedia of Interest Groups and Lobbyist in the United States reports that the NRA consists of over 3 million members nationwide (pg. 532) The NRA was founded in 1871 with the purpose of training the National Guard to be sharpshooters as well teaching its other members how to shoot (pg. 532). The first president of the organization was one of the Civil War Generals of the Union, Ambrose…

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  • Case Study: The National Rifle Association

    Introduction The National Rifle Association has diversity amongst the members from different backgrounds, ethnic cultures, and lifestyles. With nearly five million members nationwide, the NRA is able to rally their members together by one common idea, the freedom to bear arms under the second amendment. With our nation going through changes, the members of the NRA have also prepared for what lies ahead. Membership The types of people that join the NRA all have their purposes, many being life…

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  • The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCCA)

    National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCCA), which is a non-profit organization that provides college athletes and the coaches for the resources. This association is similar to the professional association such as: NBA, NFL, and NHL. Over the years, college sports have become very popular in the United States; more people are inclined to watch college sports than the Professional sports. Since gaining a lot of popularity amongst the people, it has resulted them into gaining revenues for the…

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  • Voluntary Association Essay

    you meet with every second Tuesday of the month, for your book reading club meeting. This is your association with a group organized for the purpose of one interest or of several interests in common. That groups members are voluntary associates of that gathering. Voluntary is described by most dictionaries as an act that was done, given, or acting of one 's own free will. A local church has visitation once a week to recruit new members to attend the church in the very near future. No pressure…

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  • Royal Automobile Associations

    System of classification of hotel establishments in Great Britain. Everyone knows that England, being a part of Europe, however, is very different from her: for the views, traditions, habits and rules. Hospitality industry in Great Britain has also its own features and system of classification of hotel establishments but still not one! Hotels in England are estimated by several organizations: Automobile Association (AA), Royal Automobile Club (RAC) and English Tourist Board. So why Automobile…

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  • Canadian Celiac Association

    The Canadian Celiac Association (CCA) Edmonton Chapter is a non-profit organization which raises awareness and offers support to those suffering from celiac disease. The organization aims to assist people who have celiac disease by providing information on how to manage the disease and eat a gluten-free diet. Annually, the Edmonton Chapter hosts various events which raise funds for the organization and garner media attention. The organization depends on these events to stay active in the…

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  • Differential Association Theory

    Sutherland Differential Association Theory Introduction There are a large number of factors that come into play when dealing with the subject of the Sutherland Differential Association Theory. The first issue that will be covered in respects to the actual theory itself is the historical foundation of the theory, which is the basis for how the theory came into being in the criminal justice community. Concepts and propositions are also factors to be considered when dealing with the Sutherland…

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