Overview Of The Blue Ash Business Association

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This paper will present an ethnographic research of the Blue Ash Business Association. The main object that this research will focus on is how business associations contribute to the community? The ethnography research will be observing and understanding the meeting of the Business Association and conducting interviews with some members in the association. This research also will identify some lexis and language that members use during their meetings. The point of this observation is to answer the research question of how do Business associations manage and contribute to the community. I will analyze the data I gathered during my observation to support my answers.
Blue Ash Business Association is the discourse community for my
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Martini’s article discussed one of the most important roles that business associations should focus on which is supporting the fight against corruption. The author indicated in The role of business associations and chambers of commerce in the fight against corruption article that business associations can offer a good platform for companies operating to engage in the fight against corruption. Martini included the several ways in which business associations can support anti-corruption by facilitating collective action, collectively advocating for reforms and promoting good corporate integrity among members (Martini 2013).
Another resource was written by Peter Korsching and William Wunsch, discussed business associations and rural community economic vitality. The article explained the role of business associations, which is facilitating the success of member businesses. The authors also mentioned that, studies have indicated businesses that belong to Business Associations are more successful than the businesses that are not part with the business associations. Korsching and Wunsch paper examined how successful associations differ from unsuccessful associations (Korsching & Wunsch
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According to Swales article in defining the discourse community, the Blue Ash business association follows Swales characteristics. Swales 1990 article informed us that the first character of a discourse community has broadly agreed common goals. The participants’ answered that the Blue Ash business association share the common goals, they all have businesses, they want to enhance the community around them and they want to engage with the community in many ways. The second character is the discourse community has mechanisms of intercommunication among its members. The Blue Ash Business Association website is one of the way to communicate with other members, they post the upcoming events. In addition, there is a blog section that members can post their blogs and discuss about it. Swales also informed us that a discourse community uses its participatory mechanisms primarily to provide information and feedback. Blue Ash Business Association.org indicated that there is a membership amount of $225 annually. Moreover, Swales article suggested that the discourse community utilizes and hence possess one or more genres in the communication furtherance of its aims. As the participants indicated that the Blue Ash business association engage with the community and the members in many ways such as the Veteran honoring and the holiday gathering in December are examples of how they are engaged

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