The Benefits Of The National Rifle Association

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One of the biggest advocates of protecting the second amendment is the National Rifle Association. The Encyclopedia of Interest Groups and Lobbyist in the United States reports that the NRA consists of over 3 million members nationwide (pg. 532) The NRA was founded in 1871 with the purpose of training the National Guard to be sharpshooters as well teaching its other members how to shoot (pg. 532). The first president of the organization was one of the Civil War Generals of the Union, Ambrose Burnside(pg. 532) In 1905, congress passed Public Law 149 which the NRA to purchase military surpluses and administer them to rifle clubs that they sponsored (pg. 532). Today the NRA is a national organization and has club members in all 50 states, making it an interest group that serves on the national level as well as the sub national level.
The cost of membership to join the NRA is 25 dollars per year. The NRA also accepts donations, which they report on their website that the average donation is 35 dollars ( Incentives that the NRA offers to people would sign up for membership are NRA branded duffel bags, a monthly magazine subscription, invitations to member dinners, insurance for firearms, and they also include the peace of mind knowing that your second amendment rights are protected (
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522). In Louisiana, the HCI opposed a bill that prevented “cities from suing gun manufacturers for damages due to negligence” (Ness, pg. 522). In Missouri, HCI suede public opinion during a referendum to allow “citizens to carry concealed weapons” (Ness, pg. 522). They also opposed a bill to allow citizens to conceal carry in Minnesota and supported a bill in Pennsylvania to limit gun purchases to only one per month (Ness, pg. 522). Immanuel Ness reported the financial contributions and expenditures during the 1997-1998 election cycle as

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