The Roles And Benefits Of The National Rifle Association

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The National Rifle Association has diversity amongst the members from different backgrounds, ethnic cultures, and lifestyles. With nearly five million members nationwide, the NRA is able to rally their members together by one common idea, the freedom to bear arms under the second amendment. With our nation going through changes, the members of the NRA have also prepared for what lies ahead.
The types of people that join the NRA all have their purposes, many being life members since life membership does cost only $1,000 instead of paying increments of $35 a year for membership. There are real members of the NRA, the organization being predominately white, there are small demographics of other races that are members
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When it comes to material benefits, being a member you get a monthly subscription magazine from the NRA, given three choices, American Rifleman, American Hunter, or America‚Äôs 1st Freedom all included with membership, for junior members they receive Insights a similar magazine but for minors (NRAHQ). From the NRA website by joining today members will receive the NRA member hat, membership card, including the infamous decal sticker that are on cars everywhere, insurance for the member and guns. The insurance provided by the NRA for the member depends on their occupation, for law enforcement officers that are NRA members their families will receive $25,000 if they are killed in the line of duty. For annual members of the NRA there is a $5,000 Accidental Death and Dismemberment coverage at no cost to the member, for life members the amount of coverage is at $10,000. The plan covers any accidents at, or to and from, an NRA event; and accidents that occur during the use of firearms or hunting equipment while hunting …show more content…
Many members of the NRA join because of their passion for guns and safety, former members of the military all understand how much their personal safety is important above all else. The lifestyle of owning guns bounds members together solely because many of them use guns for their protection, hunting is just a small part of being a gun owner, which there are many clubs for that. On campus we have a gun club, which are members of the NRA, allowing them to participate and hold classes on many different aspects of

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