Interest Groups Have Too Much Influence In American Politics

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From watching the frontline documentary and reading the book, I think that interest groups have too much influence in American politics. Interest groups are seen to be everywhere in the nation and I believe that by them creating a great deal of controversy helps to create a division between the government and its people. Interest groups first objective is not political influence but simple survival, which helps to shape a group’s political activity. The issue that I see constantly arising is that the American government is more responsive to special interest rather than public interest. This often results in the public being disappointed with the way the political system is set up and making individuals feel as though they’re at a loss. Democracy is about citizens having an equal say in the governing process, but many interest groups have an unfair influence over what the government can do. …show more content…
This was seen in the frontline video as citizens repeatedly tried to get a stronger grip on gun control against the NRA, but failed due to the NRA blocking new gun control legislations despite the majority wanting stricter gun laws. The NRA is more powerful because their supporters are more organized and passionate than the people who wanted stricter gun control. I quote our president Obama as he said, “this is not going to change unless the people who want to prevent these kinds of mass shootings from taking place feel at least as passionate and are at least as mobilized and well-funded and organized as the NRA and the gun manufacturers are” (Gunned Down: ‘The power of the NRA). This correlates that interest groups are superior in financial resources and it is crucial for them to out strategize their

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