Preventing Gun Control

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In the past few decades, firearms have had a big impact on society. These impacts have been both good and evil, and have caused controversy on the topic of gun ownership. Some groups, such as the Brady Campaign, would like to see gun control laws take away some rights and restrict others, whereas the National Rifle Association would like to protect gun rights and educate society on the use of firearms. Both sides want to stop the problem of gun violence, but protecting gun rights is the only way to truly insure public safety. Gun control will not be able to stop the use of guns, and it will put citizens in an unfair situation where they cannot protect themselves. The way to stop gun violence is to protect and elevate gun rights and educate …show more content…
It seems that every day there is a story of how a gunman killed an innocent person. While these stories are true, they are very one-sided. The media is only focusing on the stories that would make gun control laws look more appealing. The truth is that guns are used 80 times more often to prevent crime than to commit crime (“All Injuries”). This means that the larger majority of gun related incidents are made up of people protecting themselves. Studies actually show that countries with higher gun ownership experience fewer murders than countries with low gun ownership. The top four gun owning countries are the United States, Yemen, Switzerland and Finland. The top four countries that experience the most homicide are Honduras, El Salvador, Cote Divoire and Jamaica. The United States comes in at number one hundred four (“Guns in America | Facts and Statistics about Firearms in the USA”). This study demonstrates that more guns being owned by citizens leads to a safer society. Comparing the United States and the United Kingdom exemplifies this statement. Both the United States and United Kingdom are developed countries and are world leaders, but the United Kingdom has banned the ownership of hand guns and the United States has not. The United Kingdom experiences two thousand and thirty-four violent crimes per one hundred thousand citizens. The United States only experiences four hundred and sixty six violent crimes per one hundred thousand citizens (“United Kingdom Case Study”). The difference is that people in the United States can use handguns to defend

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