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  • Myopic Perspective In Chuck Palahniuk's Fight Club

    The author of Fight Club, Chuck Palahniuk, once stated, “The trick to forgetting the big picture is to look at everything close up” (Chuck, n.d.). His statement highlights a condition I call a myopic perspective. Myopia, or nearsightedness, is a condition in which a person can clearly see objects close-up while objects in the distance look blurry (“Myopia,” n.d.). A myopic perspective is a similar impairment limiting people’s psychological viewpoint or internal vision versus their physical vision, and it limits their overall understanding of how distant events will impact their lives, which in turn inhibits their ability to foresee obstacles and plan for their future. Nevertheless, people suffering from a nearsighted perspective can improve their quality of life by taking deliberate actions to broaden their point of view and thus become better equipped to see the big picture, analyze the past, predict future events, and make effective decisions. Being an avid viewer of anime filmed in Japanese dialogue (no dubbing please) means that I have to read lots of English subtitles. I noticed, however, that the subtitles were becoming increasingly illegible when I sat a fair distance away from the television screen. I sort of allowed the condition to be my new normal and coped by squinting or moving closer to the screen. Periodically, I complained to my mom about the degradation in my visual acuity and finally she made an appointment for me to see the optometrist. During the…

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  • Reflection Essay: What Is The Refractive Error?

    Causes of these error: Hyperopia is occurred when the eye is shorter than normal or has cornea too flat, or the lense is sits farther back in the eye than it’s should. Hyperopia is make condition with presbyopia, that is maybe occur a near vision in some cases for the persons over than 40yrs . In Myopia occur when the eyeball becomes too long than normal that is prevent incoming rays to focused on the retina, it is also me caused by the cornea and lens it is being, too curved (abnormal) In…

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  • Hybrid Lens: A Stigmatic Analysis

    Soft toric contact lenses have long been used by physicians for patients with a wide variety of astigmatic prescriptions. Although these lenses provide good vision and initial comfort, symptoms such as dryness and variable acuity can develop 1–3. In the 1990s, hybrid lenses such as Saturn II and its successor SoftPerm were convenient and produced satisfactory visual outcomes in patients with regular and irregular astigmatism 4,5. However, adverse effects related to hypoxia and induced corneal…

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  • Keratoconus Report

    Zagazig University, Zagazig, Egypt. *Corresponding author: Mohammed Alsaied Alnaimy, Mobile: 01226043131 E ABSTRACT Background: Keratoconus can cause gradual distortion of vision due to progressive myopia and irregular astigmatism. keratoconus is classified into four stages. The treatment is stage specific starting from glasses or hard contact lenses in the very early stages passing to intra corneal…

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  • Contact Lenses

    curvature of retina Problems that your eye may encounter Sometimes the eye cannot focus the image onto the retina sharply and precisely due to various reasons. For example, the surface of the lens or cornea isn’t that smooth causing a distortion called astigmatism. It can also be caused when the lens may not be able to change its curve to match the image, or when the cornea is not shaped properly. All these factors can lead to blurred vision. Another example is Myopia which is also known as…

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  • Hard To Wear Contact Lenses Essay

    having hard-to-fit eyes along with a number of possible contact lenses for hard-to-fit eyes. There are a number of conditions that can make your contact lenses hard to fit and uncomfortable, these include: • Keratoconus • Astigmatism • Dry eyes • Giant papillary conjunctivitis (GPC) • Post-refractive surgery (LASIK) • Presbyopia If you think you may have any one of these conditions and want to wear contact lenses then you’ll need to discuss different options for yourself. It may require a…

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  • Refractive Surgery: Lasik Surgery

    Lasik surgery is the most common type of refractive surgery. The aimed result of the surgery is to refract light rays on the retina without damaging the surrounding cellular cells. Lasik surgery is a procedure that was developed to correct the vision problems of Nearsightedness, Long-sightedness and Astigmatism. Nearsightedness (myopia) is when you can see nearby objects clearly, but distant objects seem blurry. Long-sightedness (hyperopia) is when you can see distant objects clearly, but nearby…

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  • Contact Camera Research Paper

    For an astigmatism, the cornea is misshaped and there are two places in the eye where the light is focused. To fix this, a contact lens is made into the correct shape to account for the misshaped cornea. In the case of presbyopia, the eye muscles can lose their elasticity with age and typically a bifocal or multifocal lens is needed for this. These generally have different shapes or curves made into one lens. The inferior portion of the lens would be for reading or looking at objects up…

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  • Monotheistic Religion Essay

    I was intrigued when learning about how the youth from Whitwell weren’t scared away by negative stereotypes and astigmatisms. Instead, they were curious and eager to expand their knowledge and get a deeper understanding about others cultures and traditions. This attitude was heavily in contrast with Eric Rudolph’s, who felt that people who share other beliefs and traditions are the ‘enemy’ and should be treated with violence in the defense of his own beliefs.Like Eboo Patel believes, it really…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: My First Cell Phones

    Technology has changed so much over the past decade. People still use phones all of the time. (Believe it or not, People out there say they do not read books or read anything, but if you have a phone you read every single day especially on social media). We read texts, emails, read tweets and even more things. Technology and reading have impacted my life in a lot of ways. I think my vison has suffered because I am on my phone reading things a lot. The eye doctors say I have developed…

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