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  • The Importance Of Eratosthenes In Aristotle's Work

    By the time of Eratosthenes most scholars agreed and recognized that the Earth was not flat that is was indeed a sphere. As that information was known they still did not know exactly how big this sphere actually was. This lead Eratosthenes to make observations and begin his process to figure out the circumference of Earth. Eratosthenes observed and compared the position of Earth’s rays as they shone upon two different locations. One of the locations was a well in Syene, Egypt, known as Aswan in today’s society. The second location was in the city of Alexandria. At the well he observed that during the summer solstice the rays from the sun shone straight down the well and the rays reached the bottom of the well without touching the sides at of the well at all. This observation helped Eratosthenes come to the conclusion that the Sun’s rays were actually located directly above the well in Egypt. After making this observation Eratosthenes headed to Alexandria and set a pole in the ground. This pole helped him see that on the summer’s solstice the Sun’s ray created a shadow. Another theory of what happened in Alexandria is that he observed that a shadow was created from the sun as the rays of the sun hit a tall tower. Both theories/observations…

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  • Egyptian Water System

    Five thousand years have passed, almost two centuries before to the Romans build their first mud houses, meawhile Egyptians started making buildings so huge and complex they stay right up 'til the present time among the most great structures ever constructed. For a large number of years, without the advantage of PCs, cranes, trucks or power apparatuses, the Pharaohs' architects administered the development of perfect works of art whose scale, excellence still admires the brain. This is a…

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  • Abu Simbel Waxing And Waning Of Nubia

    In addition Abu Simbel has a second, smaller, temple that may have been built for queen Nefertari. Its front includes two statues of the queen and four of the pharaoh, each about 33 feet (10 meters) in height. Each is set between buttresses carved with hieroglyphs. While the site was built by an Egyptian ruler, and is located within modern-day Egypt, in ancient times the place it was located in was considered part of Nubia, a territory that was at times independent of ancient Egypt. “The…

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  • Analysis: Nationalization Of The Suez Canal

    Nationalization of the Suez Canal An analysis through Prospect Theory On 26th July, 1956 Gamal Abdel Nasser nationalized the Suez Canal and the reason that he gave for the nationalization was that he required funds for the building for the Aswan dam. Though in reality it was an act of revenge against the French, British and Americans because they had recently refused to fund the building of Aswan Dam and he wanted to establish Egypt as the leader of middle-east by embarking an end to the…

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  • Cl-36 Dating

    seepage into the NSAS is possible to happen in three regions: (a) between Khartoum and Karima (southern rim of the basement outcrops north of Dongola) in the transition zone to the Blue Nile/Main Nile Rift System as the geological condition (permeability) is favorable, (b) south of the mouth of the Atbara river in the Dongola area, and (c) artificially along Lake Nasser as the level of the Nile water is higher than the groundwater table. 6.3.2. SOUTH of UWEINAT-ASWAN UPLIFT and NORTH SUDAN…

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  • Comparison Of The Suez Crisis, NATO And The Warsaw Pact

    viewed the nuclear arms race between themselves and the USSR. In response to the overwhelming news regarding Russia building a small atomic bomb, the U.S created NATO. The United States had realized that they were by no means invincible regarding their advances in american technology. The Suez Crisis, NATO and the Warsaw Pact were some events demonstrating the struggling relations between the U.S and The Soviet Union. The Suez Crisis, NATO and the Warsaw Pact were some events demonstrating…

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  • Art Analysis: You Go Girl

    Whereas all the pieces were similar in theme, landscapes. They were portrayed using different mediums, shades of color and style. Machu Picchu, Midsummer Moonlight, Moonlight and At Aswan on the Nile are all visuals of landscapes. These landscapes reveal the artist’s feelings about certain events that were important in their lives. Machu Picchu and Midsummer Moonlight uses darker shades with blue tones and the pictures depict a scene of sadness and suggest mystery. Each artist portrayed a…

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  • Compare And Contrast Pyramid Vs Great Ziggurat

    Both the pyramid (3.7) and the great ziggurat (2.13) are considered architecture wonders. Because both were made to dedicated their god or leader/ruler, it also has the unique design, made of muds which turn into baked bricks, and have numerous steps. Their difference is both were made in other lands, as the pyramid made in Egypt and the great ziggurat is in Mesopotamia. Another thing about their difference, is the design of it. the pyramid is design as a three-dimensional triangle form…

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  • What Is The Difference Between The Korean War And Vietnam

    Korean War-In 1950 North Korean forces invaded the south. Stalin was hoping with soviet support that he would have his aims elsewhere. This attack caught the attention of President Truman and acting on the behalf of the United Nations sent American forces to fight them. Within a few months the UN Forces had advanced north of the 38th parallel and it looked like the North Korean regime would be overthrown. When the fighting approached the Yalu River China intervened and drove back the UN. Vietnam…

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  • Third Parties's Role In The Suez Conflict Of 1956

    Nasser’s presidency, he desired to build the Aswan Dam along the Nile River. Nasser wanted to dam the Nile River and use its flood waters to create electricity and provide water to the Egyptian population. This dam would also be a symbol of Egypt modernizing their country. An agreement was made between Egypt, the United States, and Great Britain. This agreement stated that Great Britain and the United States would loan Egypt $70 million to fund the building of the dam. The United States and…

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