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  • Atheism In Life Of Pi

    In Yann Martel’s fiction novel Life of Pi, Pi’s survival story includes living on a lifeboat for 227 days while accompanied by a 450 pound Bengal tiger. He claims that through his faith and prayers, Pi was able to survive on a rigorous journey in which no human has accomplished before. During the time of his struggle, Pi had been practicing four faiths, one of them including atheism. Pi’s encounters throughout his surreal story contradict the beliefs of atheists. Through the lens of an atheist, Pi fabricated his story involving Richard Parker the Bengal tiger because the events that occurred during his journey could not have happened. Atheism is known to most as a denial of theism or, a disbelief in the existence of a god. More reformed,…

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  • Misconceptions About Atheism

    Being an atheist in the south can bring a lot of trouble and conflict. It is a viewpoint that is less accepted than most others. There are many misconceptions about what exactly atheism is. Some people believe atheism is a religion, but atheism is simply the lack of belief in a god, gods, deities, or any supernatural forces. The beliefs atheist have can vary from individuals and are generally different. People who identify as atheist may have very different beliefs, but generally there are a few…

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  • Proo Mccloskey Argument On Atheism

    In his 1968 article, McCloskey made a strong case against the existence of God, while defending his stand on atheism. His arguments are centered around the three proofs of that religious people use to explain why they believe in God. Over and above, he argues unapologetically against faith, and questions the existence of a good God in such a world full of evil and moral decadence. The question of morality does not escape him too, and in his submission is that there is more solace in atheism than…

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  • Rousseau Religion And Atheism Analysis

    Rousseau claims that the precondition of decency in terms of being human and most importantly a citizen is to believe in God. Therefore, he does not separate a place in his ideal state for atheists by accusing them being unsociable. Bayle, on the other hand, is against the notion that while religion makes people moral, atheism makes them immoral. He puts forward other motives of human behavior other than fear or love of divine and claims that an atheist might be virtuous as much as a religious…

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  • My Personal Understanding Of Atheism

    My original understanding of Atheism focused on several distinctions that I felt acted to characterize basic differences between an atheist and theist. Of these particularities, I honed in upon experiencing life without a God figure present, as well as the importance of being fully aware in the environments we inhabit for the sake of forgoing the jurisdiction of a supreme being. An attempt was made to emphasize this approach by asking the reader to understand that we as individuals exist in a…

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  • Consumptions In Michael Scriven's The Presumption Of Atheism

    In The Presumption of Atheism , Michael Scriven argues that when arguments for the existence of God are unable to provide the evidence required to maintain this conclusion (and Scriven believes this to be the case for all such arguments) the only position that one can rationally maintain is atheism. I will first elaborate the salient points of Scriven’s reasoning in arriving at his conclusion and then attempt to challenge some of the assumptions that Scriven makes in the course of his argument,…

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  • The Importance Of Atheism

    Introduction Atheism can be defined as a belief system that negates the existence of gods. Atheists believe that there is no god. Religion on the other hand is hinged on the belief in the existence of gods who are considered to be influential in the lives of the believers. There exists the idea that eventually, atheism will become more prominent than religion and this can be attributed to various factors. This essay intends to prove the idea that atheism would eventually trump over religion.…

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  • Atheism In Dracula

    Dracula is a fictional character based on vampirism in the European Victorian Era written by Abraham Bram Stoker in May of 1897. Dracula was a made up creature of Bram’s imagination from his research of folktale and mythology. His inspiration and research led him to the creation of the now famous stories of Dracula and all Gothic vampire horror stories. In this essay you will discover the similarities and differences in religion and British Literature. Religion plays a large role in this novel…

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  • Analysis Of Frank Turek Vs. David Silverman Debate

    nothing can be unrighteous, everything would just be matter of opinion. That flows right into the next reason, which is evil. He made it clear that although evil is usually used as an argument against God, it is actually an argument for God. He says that objective evil presupposes objective good, and objective good requires God. He used the straight line standard which says that man cannot call a line crooked without some idea of a straight line. He used another example which states, that the…

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  • Response To Mccloskey's Article Analysis

    achievement of a greater God or the prevention of a worse evil. (Evans and Manis, pp. 160) From what I’ve already learned about free will, is that most theist incorporate their views of the free will theodicy by making a souls making theodicy. We as humans make bad choices when it comes to their freedom. This ends in evil and humans making evil choices. God gives us all free will and that is why we should not use them inappropriately. Our free will is freedom that we use to out weigh…

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