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  • Comparison Of The Island, By Sophocles Antigone

    The Island written by Athol Fugard, John Kani, and Winston Ntshona draws numerous parallels from Sophocles’ Antigone. Firstly, the roles are played by men. Secondly, the characters of the play denounce apartheid by performing this piece similar to how Antigone defies the law by burying her brother. Lastly, Winston shares parallels with Antigone. The story line and characters of The Island draw copious amounts of parallels from Sophocles’ Antigone. In Antigone, the roles were played by men, even the role of Antigone. The same goes for The Island where the role of Antigone is played by Winston, a male. The play draws parallels between Antigone’s fight against political boundaries, and the situation of non-whites during the apartheid in South…

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  • Lessons In Master Haroldd And The Boys By Athol Fugard

    Sarah Williamson Ms.Sando Yellow 3/9/15 Life’s Compassionate Lessons A teacher’s mentoring can have long lasting positive effects on the choices and outcomes students. Throughout the play “Master Harold”...and the boys by Athol Fugard, Sam, one of the main characters is portrayed as an influential teacher for Willie and Hally. Sam is employed by Hally and his white family. Sam and Willie work in a restaurant run by Hally 's family. Sam has raises Hally once he starts working for the family.…

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  • Quotes From 'Twelfth Night'

    First time. After that, Redhouse, Bethelsdorp, Korsten, Veeplaas, back here the second time. Then Missionvale again, Veeplaas, Korsten, and then here, now. (196). This means that the couple is always going which always leads them to nowhere signifies their existence in carrying the struggle for surviving. Characterisation of Boesman and Lena and the Old man are developed in the play in presenting the human condition. Fugard present Boesman as a very angry man in the play he uses his masculinity…

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  • Alienation In Boesman And Lena

    Boesman and Lena The stage play ‘Boesman and Lena’ is a play set in 1983 written by playwright Athol Fugard. Athol Fugard centres the play on three characters from the Eastern Cape, Boesman, Lena and Outa. The play depicts the aftermath of the forced removals during the Apartheid Era and the results for many in real life at the time. This play also channels many concepts, including that of absurdity. Other themes of identity, displacement and alienation can be seen in the play too. This essay…

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  • Symbolism In Master Harold And The Boys

    such problem, leading to the hatred and opposition of the people that surrounded them. This rejection of society is found in the play, “ Master Harold and the boys” where the relationship between a young a white boy named Hally and a black employee named Sam end due to their cultural differences. Author Athol Fugard displays the difficulty of going against racism by using a kite as a symbol of hope for an unrealistic world, displaying a crumbling friendship between two characters,…

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  • The Significance Of Kite Flying In Master Harold And The Boys

    In Master Harold and the Boys, Athol Fugard uses kite flying to characterize the relationship between Hally, a white boy, and Sam, his black servant. In the play, both Hally and Sam view the kite with a positive outlook. To both Sam and Hally, kite flying is a happy memory of when Sam would take care and play with Hally. However, towards the end of the play, the memory becomes a lesson for Hally from Sam to teach Hally about the choices he can make moving forward as a white boy growing up in…

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  • A Streetcar Named Desire Exposition Analysis

    Exposition can be defined as the background information a playwright provides usually at the start of the play in order to for the readers to understand the dramatic situation and action as the play progresses. Using Freytag’s Pyramid, exposition can be marked by the part of the play before any rising action or conflict between the characters. As such, the exposition for Master Harold and the Boys, by Athol Fugard, can be until the point where Hally enters the play, since the entrance of Hally…

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  • An Analysis Of Matthew Arnold's Poem Dover Beach

    quickly countered with, “hath really neither joy, nor love, nor light, nor certitude, nor peace, nor help for pain” (33-34). Thus, Arnold introduces hope, only to take it away. This adds to the meaning of the poem as it physically demonstrates the symbolism of the cyclical nature of human misery. He suggests that life works in cycles, by which hope is given only to be taken away. The diction of the poem is significant as it portrays tones of isolation, loneliness, and sadness. This is seen…

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  • Comparing Master Harold And Elie Wiesel's Nobel Lecture

    way. Elie Wiesel Nobel Lecture was very deep and included hope,despair, and memories. In the lecture he talked about how memory was so powerful, how it could save humanity. He also included very religious awakens about memories. “Only God remembers everything”. “We must remember to never give up hope no matter how bad things get”. With that saying and momentum in our minds only makes us stronger to keep moving forward. You must keep on to our dreams, because dreams is what…

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  • An Analysis Of Coetzee's Waiting For The Barbarians

    postcolonial African writers have had to counterbalance these atrocious stereotypes, and denudate dominant myths about black inferiority. In this arduous process, the first black African writer to receive international critical commendation and acclaim was Chinua Achebe with his first novel in English Things Fall Apart (1958), this novel is considered as a milestone of literature from Africa. In Gordimer’s Telling Times, the author said that the reader is challenged to laugh, as well as grimace…

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