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  • Analysis Of Early Childhood Observation

    standards and relationships between teachers and students within the classroom. When I first walk into the classroom it felt dreary due to the whole classroom having dark stained wood paneling on all walls, dark wooden tables and desks. The teacher tried to brighten up with classroom by displaying photos of the children’s family members, birthday calendar displaying all the children’s upcoming birthdays, word wall, student’s names, along with educational posters and art…

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  • Jennifer Building The Classroom Case Study

    Could she have lost their interest or even imagined an entirely different class? Possibly had Jennifer not been engaging enough or was the unit materials? Was the principal right? As a first time student-teacher Jennifer must remember that teaching, classroom management and unit building take time with trial and error. Jennifer should continue to present the Twentieth-Century American Literature Unit to her 11th graders and become flexible and willing to modify the unit as needed. It is not…

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  • Teacher Radar Essay

    of “teacher radar” for use in class management, class control, and discipline. This article is to help teachers in understanding the concept of teacher radar and use specific strategies for enhancing teacher radar. In addition to comprehend the signals sent by students and know the meanings and ways to proactively react to the signals. To increase class management techniques by understanding and employing early intervention radar techniques and enhancing the student learning environment by…

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  • Career Paper Elementary School Teacher

    Elementary School Teacher The career I chose to do is an Elementary school teacher. As an elementary school teacher you help kids develope proper behavior, how to study, and to communicate with other people, and or students. Also they teach their students such subjects as; Math, Reading, and Social Studies. Teachers need to have great communication skills with children also, because of the fact that they spend about eight hours a day with their young students. The work performed by an…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Highly Qualified Teacher

    Teacher education is constantly in the spotlight as educators and policy makers determine what characterizes a highly qualified teacher. According to Marszalek, LaNasa, & Adler (2010) highly teachers are those that have completed a teacher certification program, earned a bachelor’s degree, obtaining full state certification, and being placed in a position that matches his or her area of certification or licensure. Highly qualified teachers have not had certification or licensure requirements…

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  • Personal Statement: Pursuing A Career In Elementary Education

    1 I come from a long line of educators and administrators on both sides of my family. Various relatives of mine have taught me to understand and appreciate the importance of education. This being the case, they have inspired my decision to be a teacher, preferably an elementary school teacher. Last year, I sat in on my aunt’s third grade class at Washington Irving, an elementary school in my district that I attended for three years. After visiting the classroom a handful of times, I absolutely…

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  • Teach For America's Urban Education: A Case Study

    One of the most prominent alternate teacher certification programs designed to address the growing achievement gap is Teach for America. The idea of Teach for America was launched by founder Wendy Kopp in 1989. She was then a student at Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International affairs pursuing a Bachelors of Art degree. As a part of her degree requirements, Kopp completed her thesis on nation teacher corps. Upon graduation, Kopp began working on turning her…

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  • Lessons In Master Haroldd And The Boys By Athol Fugard

    of the main characters is portrayed as an influential teacher for Willie and Hally. Sam is employed by Hally and his white family. Sam and Willie work in a restaurant run by Hally 's family. Sam has raises Hally once he starts working for the family. Sam is seen as a powerful character, both Willie and Hally look up to him. Sam teaches Willie and Hally what is right and what is wrong in order to help them get through life. Hally has many challenges with his father throughout the play, Sam is…

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  • The Importance Of Building Science Concept Books

    a student teacher. “Teachers must choose activities that match students’ background knowledge and reasoning skills.” The building science concept resources have helped me with my teaching practices within science. I used the building science concept book to help me create a lesson on Buoyancy, at first I had no knowledge whatsoever about this topic however the book was a great resource…

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  • Reflection Of A Good Teacher

    rises in one’s mind is who is good teacher? Is a teacher the one who can create a powerful long lasting influence on the students, and directly affects what they learn, how much they learn and the way they interact with the world around them, looking at the degree of the teachers influence we must understand what teachers should do to promote positive results in the lives of students since teaching is a complex task ,some may view teachers effectiveness on students achievements while others may…

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