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  • Mission For Nonprofit Organizations

    nonprofit they serve. The mission for nonprofit organizations is key and board members must know and be obedient to the mission. The 5 member HHV board is made up of John Meagher who is the chairman of the board and former trial Judge. Michael Lawson serves as treasurer of the board and is a former veteran affairs director who understands hospitalized veteran’s needs. Nora Egan has the title of director and has a background in human resource management. Dr. Keith Stuessi also has the title of director and is an expert in traumatic brain injuries. Lastly Clint Pearman serves as Secretary of the board and is a certified brain injury specialist. The HHV board is very diverse, but still has plenty of experience with the main mission of HHV which…

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  • Lockheed Martin Case Study

    text talks about how the vast majority of boards are highly comprised of outside directors because they’re considered less biased towards the performance of the management. Out of the 12 members on Lockheed Martin’s board 11 of them are outside directors that hold positions on other boards. On Lockheed Martin’s board Daniel F. Akerson is the Vice Chairman and Special Advisor of the Carlyle Group, Nolan D. Archibald is the retired Executive Chairman for Stanley Black & Decker, Inc., and…

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  • Midwestern Contemporary Art Case Study

    Contemporary Art, illustrates a classic power conflict between two men, Peter Smith and Keith Schmidt. Peter is the chairman of the board and former municipal judge who, along with his wife, loves contemporary art. He and his wife became involved with the Midwestern Contemporary Art (MCA) museum when they began collecting art pieces, and he was eventually named chairman of the board. Keith is the executive director of the museum, and has a long successful background as a director for…

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  • Panera Bread Company Analysis

    restaurant category for one-, five- and ten-year returns to shareholders.(, web.) In 2007, Panera Bread purchased a majority stake in Paradise Bakery & Café, a Phoenix-based concept with over 70 locations in 10 states (predominantly in the west and southwest). The Company purchased the balance of Paradise in June 2009 (, web.). In May 2010, Ron Shaich transitioned to the role of Executive Chairman of the Board and Bill Moreton, who had previously served as the company 's…

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  • Martin Luther King Mic Case Study

    mic success. The major sections on the agenda included: the meditation and pledge of allegiance, recognitions, consideration and approval of minutes from previous meetings, trustee B-1 comments, and the business agenda respectively. The meeting went according to the outline. It reconvened for the open session and began with all reciting the pledge of allegiances and standing for a minute of silence. Immediately following this were recognitions including: employee of the month, Martin Luther King…

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  • Community Participation

    In understanding the needs of the community and identifying problems within the community, it is important for community members to participate in the issue selection process. Not only will issue selection produce community participation, but it will also contribute to community building and community unifying efforts. According to Khinduka’s article (1970), instead of just focusing on the psychological aspect of social change, facilitators should be looking at the socioeconomic issues that…

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  • Chairman Mao Song Analysis

    Creative Component: The Life and Legacy of Chairman Mao Track Listing with descriptions 1. Seven Nation Army - The White Stripes: In many ways, the song Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes can be representative of one of Mao’s greatest accomplishments: the Long March. The mood of the song is upbeat compared to the grueling Long March. However, the lyrics and title provide many similarities to the March. The first two lines of the song are, “I 'm gonna fight 'em off A seven nation army…

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  • Event Chairman Case Study

    Event Chairman – An Overview The Event Chairman guides the chapter in accomplishing the Fraternity goal of attaining individual and social excellence. She educates chapter members concerning acceptable behavior in all settings and ensures Kappa Policies and Risk Management Procedures are followed during an event. Role of the Event Chairman: ➢ Plan and coordinate chapter events and activities. ➢ Educate the chapter on social graciousness. ➢ Define acceptable behavior, conduct and personal…

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  • Chairman X In Jane Smiley's Moo

    Chairman X is the complete antithesis of both Dr. Gift and Dean Harstad. Like Dr. Gift, his religion is also not specifically referenced in Moo. However, Smiley does include that Chairman X is a communist. Because of his belief system, Chairman X loathes both Dr. Gift’s self-helping, capitalist methods, especially the Costa Rican gold mining plan, and Dean Harstad, whose use of, “patience as a weapon” the passionate and driven Chairman X finds irritating to the point where he daydreams of…

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  • Warren Buffett: The Unflappable Chairman Of Berkshire Hathaway

    The unflappable chairman of Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE: BRK-A) (NYSE: BRK-B) is widely considered to be the most successful investor of the 20th century and still going strong in the 21st. Not only is Warren Buffett a successful businessman, but also a great author, philanthropist and inspiration to many people, not to mention among the wealthiest people on the planet. His decades of investing wizardry and success also make him one of the most followed investors in the world. Not surprising, as it…

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