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  • Government Primary Schools

    To what extent does the electoral district of Albert Park require additional government primary schools to be developed? Albert Park is an electoral district of the Victorian Legislative Assembly, Australia. It covers the inner-city suburbs of South Melbourne, Albert Park, Middle Park, Port Melbourne and St Kilda, (, 2010). The volume of enrolments to attend government primary schools within the electorate increased significantly over the 5 year period between 2006 and 2011, with this number expected to rise substantially in the following 10 years between 2011 and 2021, (See Appendix 1.1). Due to the already constrained capacity at local primary schools within the electorate, the high level of population growth expected across the…

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  • The Advantages Of Ebooks In Primary Schools

    Students currently have much more convenient study approach since e-learning was introduced to school. Primary schools in some developed countries such as Britain and America tend to teach their students with electronic devices instead of printed books. However, I personally argue this trend is not suitable for pupils. In this essay, I will first list some drawbacks of eBooks and then give some reasons why printed books should be still dominated in primary school. First of all, eBooks hazard…

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  • Case Study: Maddington Primary School

    External Maddington primary school (MPS) is a small, metro, government school located on Albany Highway south of Perth. The school is situated on 4.98 hectares and shares the site with the Maddington Education Support Centre. It was established in 1914 and parts of the buildings architecture still reflect the time, but also has a new Early Childhood centre built onto the school. Staff MPS has a total of 15 teaching staff on site with 12 having a full time equivalent. There is also 15…

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  • Western Branch Primary School Observation Report

    Western Branch Primary is located in Chesapeake, Virginia. It serves students in grades preschool to second grade. The mission of the Western Branch Primary School is to provide the community of diverse learners with a strong academic and social foundation through challenging curricula, high standards, and meaningful experiences which are the collective responsibility of students, parents, staff, and community in a safe, nurturing environment. Western Branch Primary is an accredited school with…

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  • Welcome Speech For Primary School

    Let me begin by saying, it is indeed an honour, and a privilege to be have been chosen to be the guest speaker for this special occasion- “The Crane Primary School Annual Prize Giving and Graduation Ceremony”. I will like to thank the Head teacher for officially inviting a son of this school. To the graduates, 26 years ago at Crane Primary School, I was in your position, in a smaller school though. I was a young man that would have been very sad to part ways with my beloved teachers and most of…

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  • The Mcdonalization Of Primary School Education

    Introduction According famous sociologist Emile Durkheim the manifest function of “socialization agencies” such as schools is “[to] teach children how to get along with others and prepare them for adult economic roles” (2012). The way the US tackles this is requiring youth to begin school at a median age of and continue to stay in some kind of schooling system: public, private, or homeschool, until the minimum age of 16, yet some states require students to continue until the age of 18 (Bush…

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  • Dropout Rate In Primary School Essay

    Quality of education in primary school in Cameroon: a perspective from dropout and repeat rate Daigo Ito Introduction In the Cameroon, the enrolment rate of primary school has achieved more than 90% however, the achieve rate is still less than 80% and there are many children out of the school. There may be problems of quality of education. First, I researched enrolment, survival, dropout and repeat ratio annualize and analyse the problem behind them. Second, I report the teacher circumstance…

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  • Roles And Responsibilities Of A Primary School Teacher

    desired learning outcomes from pupils across a wide spectrum. This assignment examines the particular roles and responsibilities that are established within the teaching profession at the primary age level, reflecting upon the Teacher’s Standards appointed by the department for education. The main areas of observation, within greater depth,…

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  • Primary School Teaching Personal Statement

    Commerce Assessment-Primary School Teaching The occupation that I have chosen is Primary School Teaching. This interests me as I have many siblings at home and I help out with their homework and assessments. I also enjoy watching younger children learn and strive to be their best. This also attracts me as their annual pay is above average and will help out with everyday expenses. I enjoy helping out with other children and having a large impact of being a source of their education. I enjoy…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To Black Rock Primary School

    I was born in Melbourne at the Jesse Mac hospital on the 2/2/1980. When I was growing up I loved telling people that on the 2/2/2002 I would be turning 22! As a baby I lived in a flat in Fitzroy with my parents. My parents bought a house in Black Rock when I was two, which I lived in until I was 18. I went to Black Rock Kindergarten when I was three and four. I then went to Black Rock Primary School from Prep to Year Six and Mentone Girls’ Secondary from Year Seven to Year Twelve. I have some…

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