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  • Forget Prince Charming By June Callwood Analysis

    Does a Perfect Partner Truly Exist? Is everyone looking for a perfect partner? In June Callwood’s essay “Forget Prince Charming”, Callwood suggests that she does not believe a perfect partner exists. A relationship will never be perfect, since no two humans can interact frictionlessly (Callwood 322). Although “Forget Prince Charming” appeared in the National Post in 2000, it is still relevant in 2016. Callwood’s essay tells of how she has taught her granddaughters from before they were of marriageable age what to look for within their partner, communicating both the realistic and unrealistic qualities of real-life relationships. In recent years, Disney movies and fairy tales have been depicting to children from a young age that love can be…

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  • Cinderella By Jack Zipes Essay

    Critic’s idea: Young girls tend to imagine and dream of being whisked away by a charming and wealthy prince because of fairytales like Cinderella that show and encourage it. I agree with Jack Zipes’ analysis on the decisions that women in fairy tales make. This supports the fairytale Cinderella and the decision that Cinderella made. Jack Zipes says that “comic endings call upon young females to value communal stability over individual needs.” meaning that the women in fairy tales made the…

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  • Compare And Contrast Two Versions Of A Cinderella Story

    years, numerous versions of the story have been recreated and have been told to children all over the world. The original story of Cinderella follows the life of a young girl who is mistreated by her step mother and stepsisters. With the help of her fairy godmother, Cinderella is transformed into a beautiful princess and goes to the ball to meet her prince. However, she has to leave the ball at midnight as the magic wears off and she turns back into her former self. She leaves behind a glass…

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  • The Little Mermaid Character Analysis

    needing to be saved by a handsome prince or anyone of the sort, she actually uses her own wits and abilities to escape. Unfortunately – and this was to be expected – her potential as a strong female protagonist plummets when she meets Prince Eric. Interestingly, Eric plays the role of the damsel-in-distress in the story – “His limbs were failing him, his beautiful eyes were closed, and he would have died had not the little mermaid come to his assistance”, but despite her moment of heroism,…

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  • Movie Review: Cinderella By Kenneth Branagh

    absolutely thrilled. I believe this movie served its purpose by providing a glimpse into the fairytale land with Prince Charming, castles, ballroom dances, and magical characters including Fairy God Mother. And let us not forget about the beautiful glass slippers. I was curious about the movie reviews as I am considering a purchase of the DVD. By reviewing these articles, I learned that the outcome of the review is dependent on the audience the reviewer is trying to appeal to. Cinderella as…

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  • Cinderell The German And France Cinderella Story

    threw a gold and silver dress to her. She went three times the third time she was running to get home and left her shoe. This is similar to France Cinderella when her godmother gave her a beautiful dress for the ball. She went in a pumpkin and her godmother made it into a carriage. And she made her mice horses, her rat is a coachman, her lizards was a footman, and she got a beautiful dress after midnight it would all go back to the way it was before. Another similarity between the stories they…

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  • The Perfect Guy Analysis

    The Perfect Guy is a romantic thriller about a woman named Leah, Played by Sanaa Lathan, an L.A. based lobbyist who seems to have it all: brains, looks, power, a beautiful home and a longtime boyfriend. This would all be cut short after Leah finds that her boyfriend is not ready to start a family and later finding herself in the company of another man who she thinks is “The Perfect Guy.” Although this movie had some good components such as Leah being a successful, independent, black woman and…

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  • A Prince Charming For The Prom By Frank Paro Rhetorical Essay

    Frank Paiva, the author of “A Prince Charming for the Prom (Not Ever after, Though)” describes his experience as the gay prom date for his female friends. Paiva successfully explains the adversity that LGBT youth in a heteronormative society face. Through the use of various rhetorical strategies such as the Aristotelian Appeals and informal diction, he highlights the fact that society is not ready to accept LGBT people and those that differ from society’s expectations. Paiva establishes his…

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  • Short Story: Jerk Prince Charming Meets Cinderella

    A (Once) Jerk Prince Charming meets Cinderella Meet Alexander Kim, he’s rich, spoiled, cold-hearted, smart, and top of the school. On the other end of the spectrum, there’s Cecilia Park, a girl who is just a ‘commoner’, and one who is introduced as the enemy of Alexander; though she is not the most clever, she’s indeed passionate about dance. The two live in Seoul, South Korea and attend Kirin High School. ------------------ As Cecilia was walking home from school with her boyfriend, she…

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  • Essay About My Head Was Spinning All Over The Place

    My head was spinning all over the place. It felt like I’ve been punched on my head several times with a brick; I felt consciously blind. I was breathing heavily like I’m gasping for air. I couldn’t move much but hear weird noises echoing repeatedly through my brain, I felt myself moving, shaking back and forth, ‘’Monica! Monica! Can you hear me?’’ I felt myself flat on the floor and I could feel a cold breeze touching my soft delicate skin. Why did he let go of me? Why has it gone silent? I…

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