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  • Canada Prime Minister

    Canada in 1867 and the election of Sir John A. Macdonald as the first prime minister, the role of the nation’s leader has changed. While the prime minister is elected by the people to govern at the helm of Canada, “the excessive centralization of executive powers by the prime minister can damage good democratic government”. In our Westminster-style government, the power vested within the prime minister has become somewhat absolute, with too much control over the House of Commons. Over time, numerous factors have contributed to the decline of responsible government and the rise of the prime minister’s power. Such factors like the Canadian Constitution, the type of government, party solidarity and the liberty for the prime minister to choose members of both his Cabinet and the Senate have been crucial in the growth of power. The Canadian Constitution stands a symbol of pride for many Canadians but it is arguably one of the greatest problems behind prime ministerial power in Canada. The Constitution fails to directly specify the duties of the…

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  • The Importance Of Power: The Power Of The Prime Minister

    There are many benefits and powers both available and granted to the Prime Minster that can help them whilst in office. These powers can vary in many forms such as helping to solidify their position, gaining support on a view or decision and even playing down their own responsibilities. However the extent to which these powers can go have to be taken into consideration as Prime Ministers are still susceptible to pressure groups, mass public opinion and even other MP 's in parliament. This essay…

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  • Why Is Canada A Great Prime Minister

    Have you ever wondered why Canada is so great? Or why Canada has free healthcare, social security, or unemployment insurance? Well, the answer is because our great prime ministers. Canada has had several great prime ministers. Great prime ministers that Canada has had include William Lyon Mackenzie King, Lester B Pearson, and Pierre Trudeau. Canada has had several great prime ministers. Another great prime minister of Canada is Lester B Pearson. Lester B Pearson is a politician, statesman,…

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  • The Maoist Prime Minister Pusha Kamal Dahal's Communities And Challenges In Nepal

    The Maoists have always put Nepal on a dangerous roller coaster ride towards a crash. Every time they have been active or been at the political helm, the country has suffered miserably and lost part of its soul. The Maoist Prime Minister Pusha Kamal Dahal has taken the country to a new depth, as never before, by eroding its standing in the world and its sovereingty and independence. Although the Maoist leaders alone are not the only culprit in Nepal 's growing humiliation, they are at its…

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  • Essay On Prime Minister Questions

    Every Wednesday, current Prime Minister, David Cameron, meets in the House of Commons for half an hour to answer questions from Members of Parliament. These questions are meant to address current events both international and domestic, and have come to be known as Prime Minister Questions (PMQs). All Members of Parliament must write their questions for the Prime Minister on the Order Paper several days prior to the PMQs. Once submitted, the questions are then sorted through, scrambled, and…

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  • Sheikh Hasina Wajed Prime Minister Of Bangladesh Case Study

    Sheikh Hasina Wajed Prime Minster of Bangladesh Bangladesh is located in south Asia and has had a long and varied history. Over the past hundred years, Bangladesh has been a part of three septate states the British partisan of India, India, and Pakistan. While Bangladesh was part of Pakistan it was known as East Pakistan and was physical separated from Pakistan proper by India. At many times East Pakistan (Bangladesh) was at odds with Pakistan proper. Because of East Pakistan’s tension with…

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  • Canadian Prime Minister

    Prime Minister vs American President The head of Government, or leader of a country, is thought to be the most powerful and influential member of a nation; yet, in a democratic nation, their power only stretches as far as their constitution and election outcomes permits. The people they choose to aid them in implementing their ideas and the congressional power their party holds, both tie in to the actual power a leader has to propose and employ their promises. When comparing two democratic…

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  • Essay On Prime Minister Of Canada

    The Role of Prime Minster of Canada and the President of the United States Many people think that President of the United States has more power than Prime Minster of Canada. However, when we look at the constitution of both countries, we can see that Prime Minister of Canada has more power in his or her country than President of United States does. When we want to compare and differentiate the power of both Prime Minster of Canada and President of United States, we need to look at their system…

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  • Democratic Dictatorship Analysis

    Dictatorship? The Power of the Prime Minister in Canada Recently in Canada, it is being debated if the power that the Prime Minister holds has become stronger. Section 9 and 10 of the Constitution Act of 1867 declares the Queen and Governor as the ones who possess executive power, when today in practice, that power is found within the Prime Minister and Cabinet. The era of Pierre Elliott Trudeau as Prime Minister has been referred to as the period when the checks and balances began to grow…

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  • Should The United States Have A Semi-Presidential System

    The French government is semi-presidential government because De Gaulle wanted a stable two party system, while also diminishing the influence of parties. This causes the president to be very powerful. They appoint a prime ministers, presides the Council of Minister, has emergency powers, and can dissolve the National Assembly. Also before 2002 the president could be in office for seven years, not the government reduced it to five. This compares to the United States which can serve for no more…

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