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    The Maoists have always put Nepal on a dangerous roller coaster ride towards a crash. Every time they have been active or been at the political helm, the country has suffered miserably and lost part of its soul. The Maoist Prime Minister Pusha Kamal Dahal has taken the country to a new depth, as never before, by eroding its standing in the world and its sovereingty and independence. Although the Maoist leaders alone are not the only culprit in Nepal 's growing humiliation, they are at its pivot in the post-1990 period. Here is the record. The Maoists, under the banner of the Joint People 's Front, caused frequent shutdown of markets and transportation from 1991-94. In the 1996-2006 period, they killed or helped kill more than 15,000 people, prevented development activities, and destroyed shcools, roads, communication towers, water supply systems, etc. During the insurgency, Maoist leaders Pushpa Kamal Dahal and Baburam Bhattarai vowed in black and white to serve Indian interests in exchange for Indian acquiescence and support for them. Subsequently, Dahal wore a nationalist mask, called for trench war against India, and lost power due his own arrogance. Bhattarai proved his loyaty to India as prime minister through several controversial measures. In his second stint in the high pedestal, Dahal is hell-bent to please India, even though it has been stifling Nepal 's growth and undermining its dignity, sovereignty and independence. Here is his record. The joint…

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