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  • Evidence-Based Practice

    Models of evidenced-based practice (EBP) need to be evaluated to fit the intended research practice arena. There are a variety of evidenced-based practice models. Some models are relevant for education purposes while others are appropriate for use in the clinical setting. Evidenced-based practice guides the researcher to break apart the intricacies’ and apply to clinical practice. The series of steps to determine the appropriateness of the EBP model lies in the utilization of research findings in clinical practice, the movement into sustained implementation and routine use. Finally the third component consist of ”transition research” and” implementation science”. The terms have been use interchangeable, and simply mean a scientific method of promoting the research into the healthcare setting and policies (Schaffer, Schaffer, Sandau, & Diedrick, 2012). The Ace Star Evidence-based practice (ACE) model is one of knowledge transformation. It lends itself to both the clinical and educational movement towards quality improvements. The model’s strength is its framework. The similarly to the nursing process which guide development of clinical practice and nursing curriculum makes it easy to be…

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  • Advanced Nursing Practice

    Scope of practice is essential for clinical and advanced nursing practice. Young (2011) suggests that professionally, advanced nurse practitioners are expected to perform exceptionally than non-specialist nurses as they have higher professional identity. Advanced nursing over the past 30 years has been an emerging aspect of professionalism. It was introduced in the USA in 1960 (Furlong & Smith, 2005), and recognised in UK in 1980's. Advanced nurse specialist are licensed nurses who have acquired…

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  • Reflection On Nursing Practice

    As we are at the end of this class, I reflect on what I have learned and what I will take with me and use in my nursing practice, I came to a conclusion that this course has helped me to better myself. It has taught me very valuable skills that I will take not only to my professional life but also to my personal as well. Along with expanding my knowledge of nursing research, there were also topics throughout this course that I found not only to be exciting to learn about but also instrumentally…

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  • Nursing Theory Applied In Practice

    own objectives to accomplish and new things to teach students. As an advanced practice nursing (APN) student, theory fundamentals play an important part in the future of an APN career because theories are what make nursing practice a profession (Cruz,2008). The graduate nursing theory course provided understanding about the purpose of nursing theories and application of theories into the advanced practice setting. The purpose of this paper is to further discuss how nursing theories can be…

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  • Importance Of Reflective Practice In Education

    developmental levels. Becoming a reflective practitioner is essential for a teacher to grow, expand and open up a wide range of possible choices and response to meet the needs of all students in a diverse classroom. A reflective practitioner refers to a teacher who actively engages in reflection practices with respect to daily teaching, pedagogy and personal beliefs (Larrivee, 2015). Through critical reflections on their behaviors and professional practices, teachers build confidence in dealing…

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  • Career Essay: The Practice Of Law

    or professions I do not have to look very far. All of my life I have been surrounded by the people closest to me, that I love and respect, who share the same passion or the practice of law. I would say that law is our families business. In conducting research about the career or as I have been told by my grandfather, mother, and dad: the “profession” that I am interested in is the law. I am drawn to the law, but because of some of my learning difficulties, I have never had courage to pursue…

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  • Best Practice In Nursing: A Concept Analysis

    best practice. This paper explores three articles that relate to the issues of the evidence-based practice in nursing. The articles vary in purposes, but all relate to the topic of evidence-based practice integration in nursing. Debates over various professional topics continue, and there is no clear set of expectations for nurses on specific medical procedures and practices. By using evidence from conducted studies, three articles described in this paper examine the issues of evidence-based…

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  • Evidence-Based Practice: A Case Study

    Evidence Based Practice Evidence-based practice (EBP) is best described by Hood (2014, p. 250) as “practice based on the best available evidence that also incorporates patient values and preferences and clinician judgement and expertise”. Nurses use evidence-based practice to improve and transform healthcare, by reforming care so that is more effective, safe, and efficient. The goal of most research utilization and evidence-based practice is to improve care delivery or client outcomes.…

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  • Advanced Practice Nursing Consensus Model

    There are differences and similarities between the Advanced Practice Nursing: An Integrative Approachan academic resource, the American Association of colleges of Nursing (AACN) DNP Essentials and the advance practice registered nurse (APRN) consensus model. According to the conceptual idea of Hamaric (2014) “Advanced practice nursing is the patient-focused application of an expanded range of competencies to improve health outcomes for patients and populations in a specialized clinical area of…

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  • Good Laboratory Practice

    In the drug development procedure, Good Laboratory Practice stand at the Preclinical Development Stage, also called as a non-clinical stage as it is not conducted in human. Its main goal is to test the safety. Toxicology, Pharmacokinetics Pharmacodynamics and bioavailability studies must follow the GLP compliance.Good laboratory practice (GLP) was first announced in New Zealand and Denmark in the year 1972 and later in the USA in June, 1979 as regulations passed to stop investigators who submit…

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