Praetorian Guard

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  • Claudius And Rome's Crazy Emperors

    He ruled from 41-54 AD. He was hiding behind curtains while the killing spree was happening. They had to see a hump in the curtains but it was said that the Praetorian Guards purposely did not kill Claudius because they liked him. In my opinion he was not a real threat to them so it was no reason to kill him. He had a lot of things going on. He drooled all the time, had a limp, stuttered, when he was excited his nose got stuffy, and if he was angry then he would start foaming at the mouth. Caligula was really mean to Claudius for obvious reasons. Not saying i agree with him or if that is right in any means necessary. You should never make fun of someone for something they can not control. I do not think he wanted to be born like that. In my opinion Claudius not being killed and becoming emperor and Caligula being killed was Karma. Even though he had a lot going on such as drooling and foaming at the mouth…

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  • Julius Caesar: A Film Analysis Of The Film Gladiator

    pretty clear statement that Commodus was his intended successor.” Maximus may have been a fictional character, however the other important roles of Marcus Aurelius and Commodus were not, yet many points of their backstories were modified for the film. For one thing Marcus Aurelius “did not die in the middle of nowhere as in the film,” writes Larsen, “he actually died at Vindobona (modern Vienna),” and further suggests that Commodus did not murder him as is portrayed in the film. Commodus’ story…

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  • Fazbear's Pizzeri A Narrative Fiction

    that nobody else sees..” Freddy stood by the guards doorway smirking “Open up.. you wont last forever..” he chanted laughing slightly. He heard a small whimper from the backstage area and blinked in confusion. He walked to the backstage area and opened the door slowly “Chica..? Bonnie..?” he asked looking in. He saw a small girl huddled up in the corner, she was covered in some blood and wearing a black jacket and small purple dress. Freddy’s eyes widened as he remembered the small girl from…

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  • Informative Essay On School Rules

    usually went out to eat when they visited their families our they stayed at home and watched movies and eat popcorn. They had stopped at a gas station and they got all kinds of fans crowd around them so they had to be escorted to their car from a security guard. They said thank you to the security guard because he was so nice to them. The next stop was back to there old school to see what the principle believed and if he did . The group walked into the school and as they walked into the…

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  • Rise Of The Otters Analysis

    timid he pulls himself together and gathers his gear and heads out to search for his friends. After an hour of searching, he comes in contact with a Glieseians lookout; he is shocked at what he sees. Over a large hill, past a thick tree line, stands a massive Military staging area. “What is that thing?! The others were probably taken hostage by these things...” says Jesus He knocks out the guard with a large branch and takes his weapon and I.D. card; Jesus is suppressing his weak side of him…

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  • Lap Pool Narrative

    floor-to-ceiling windows that overlook the pool show that we are down a guard, and it is only moderately…

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  • Personal Narrative: I Was Put To Jail

    I planned my escape carefully. 3 months of studying the patterns, exits, and the patrollers. Every day I wake up and plan, so far I know each guard switches out every 4 hours, and there's a small opening for about 5 minutes every time a guard is switched. I planned to sneak when a guard is switching and to plant the charges near the main heater. My friend Johnny will be waiting for a phone call telling him to ignite the charges and get me out of here. I asked the guard if I could use my one…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Summer Job

    Each day had its own new challenges it liked to throw at me. From irresponsible adults who try to drop their kids off at the pool and leave to kids who couldn’t swim and jump into the deep end, to even families who lacked at least one family member could speak English. My pool was a single guard pool with approximately two guards. Two guards to switch on and off all summer. With that being said, my biggest challenge there was giving up my entire summer for this place and working at the least…

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  • Drought In The Underworld: A Comparative Analysis

    had a few other tasks to complete before the test was over and I could leave. I vaguely remember seeing the three examiners loading into the carriage and leaving, and my father storming back inside. I went through the remainder of the day in a daze, having overcome my initial shock and eagerly awaiting tonight. When sunset finally came and went, I left my room and hurried down the hall as quietly as I could. I took a long, twisting route through the palace to avoid any confrontations. I almost…

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  • Dialogue Essay: A Short Story

    Surrounded by an escort of the horsemen of King Alric’s Royal Guard, Larah and Riasean rode for an hour before she broke the silence. “So, you are an assassin?” Riasean gripped the reins of his horse tighter. There is no point denying the fact. “Yes,” he admitted. “How did that happen – I mean how do you find yourself in the business of killing?” Where to begin? Best keep it simple, and as close to honest as possible. “One has to do whatever it takes to survive – in my case, growing up in…

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