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  • Gladiator Movie Analysis

    The movie Gladiator, directed by Ridley Scott, tells the story of general Maximus (played by Russell Crowe) that stands against crazy Emperor (played by Joaquiem Phoenix) is considered to be one of the best historical movies in modern history. However, as it goes in historic movies, Gladiator is showing the audience the popular recitation period and masks the real perception and the real course of government. It is true that most of the changes made in the movie could only strengthen the atmosphere of the film. The inaccuracies starts from the main characters – the biggest mistake is the fact that the character played by Russell Crowe, general and gladiator, Maximus Decimius Meridius never existed. His character in itself absorbed elements…

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  • Essay On Life As A Gladiator

    Living Life as a Gladiator What would life be like to live as a gladiator? Some gladiators loved the thrill of fighting. Gladiators were worshiped and hailed by the spectators. Many gladiators hated fighting to the death in arenas and coliseums. Most gladiators were enslaved and forced into this lifestyle. What is a gladiator? According to American Heritage Dictionary (1985) “A gladiator is a person trained to entertain the public by engaging in mortal combat in the ancient Roman arenas” (Page…

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  • Violence In Gladiator

    different contexts. The film Gladiator falls under the category of violence as entertainment. Back in the times of the gladiatorial games of the Roman Empire, violence was for the entertainment of the people as well, however, that only scratches the surface of violence’s purpose in the Roman Empire. Society in this time period is inundated with violence, to a much greater extent than today, and it plays many roles. Violence equals power; the more violence a person can inflict on someone else,…

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  • Roles Of The Gladiators

    The Gladiators and games were not what they are historically described as in most history textbooks. History teaches us that the gladiators were murderers, rapists and the dregs of the Roman Empire and they were forced to fight. However, this is not entirely the case. The role of the Gladiators and the Gladiatorial games on the Roman Empire was long-lasting and far-reaching. When the games first took off, many of the soldiers were actually volunteers who wanted to fight to increase their social…

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  • The Gladiator In Ancient Rome

    The gladiator was an armed fighter, who fought in the arenas to entertain audiences thought-out the Roman Empire from 264AD-404CE. “The term gladiator derives from the Latin gladiatores in reference to their principal weapon the gladius or short sword.” The majority of the gladiators were slaves fighting against other gladiators, wild animals, and condemned criminals. The origins of gladiators and the gladiator games are often disputed, but gladiators were believed to have started from the…

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  • Roman Gladiator Analysis

    conducted in ancient Ephesus, also known as Turkey, a mass gladiator grave was found. This grave was discovered when the surveyors were looking for the Holy Processional Path between the Artemisian Temple and the City of Ephesus. Four gladiator tombstones were found nearby also supporting the theory that this was a gladiator grave. Gladiator fighting began in Ephesus approximately in 69BC and continued to gain in popularity throughout the years. It is known that thousands of Roman gladiators…

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  • Julius Caesar: A Film Analysis Of The Film Gladiator

    The film I decided to analyze was that of “Gladiator” (2000). It depicts the death of Marcus Aurelius and his wishes that after he dies, a faithful Roman soldier by the name of Maximus Decimus Meridius take his place as emperor. However, Marcus Aurelius’ son, Commodus, takes matters into his own hands to guarantee that he will be the one to be proclaimed heir and ultimately, Caesar. Although, the film explores the history of Rome by including several historical figures, it is mainly based on a…

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  • Act Utilitarianism Research Paper

    to the epistemic objection. However, in taking this line of reasoning, the Utilitarian opens himself up to other common criticisms of Utilitarianism. Consider the common objection of allowing gladiators to fight to the death. Critics of Utilitarianism point out that allowing gladiators to die for people’s amusement is morally permissible under Utilitarianism. Although the gladiator may be forced to fight (and die) against his will, thousands of people will experience pleasure by watching him…

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  • Similarities Between The Colosseum And The Ball Games

    By forcing the prisoners to play the game/fight in the arena, the war captives were basically being executed in a way of a game. The gladiators who fought in the Colosseum were trained to fight. Any prisoner forced to fight, most likely, wouldn’t stand a chance against a gladiator who had been trained under certain circumstances and with certain weaponry. Another similarity between the two is that the prisoners of war were forced to participate in the activities. The same goes with captives…

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  • Hercules Movie Analysis

    Maximus is found in poor condition and taken as a slave for Proximo. Maximus and different slaves are prepared to battle as a Gladiator. At first Maximus declines yet in the long run discovers that he should battle or pass on. Maximus gets to be known as "Spaniard" by the slaves and the group at the fields. Since he has been at the fight, dissimilar to the others, he turns into an astounding combatant. He battles his approach to popularity with new personalities. . Proximo troupe is called to…

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