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  • How My Mom Changed My Life

    Catholic whore!”The following day the two same very young children and their mother came after us. The mother proclaiming “You accosted my son yesterday!” Philip said “well he called my girlfriend a Catholic whore” she said “That's impossible because I'm a Catholic” to that we started to walk away when the boy shouted back at us “You Catholic bastards.” Proof enough for us and their mother, utterly embarrassed she said her apologies. This is so typical of Scotland, especially Glasgow for Catholics and Protestants to have such disdain for each other. We saw these youngsters being accompanied by their parents to and from schools daily. That is Scotland for you. The Protestant and Catholic rivalry is ridiculous. When I first moved to Scotland I was warned by my siblings to never tell anyone if I am Catholic or Protestant. This would mean if I was Catholic I supported Celtic football club and if I was Protestant I supported Rangers football club. If I offered the wrong support to the wrong person a Glasgow smile was likely. It wasn't long until I was approached by a young man who asked me if I supported Celtic or Ranger. I said I don't follow football. He insisted that I must have a favourite and I said “No, I really don't” God knows what would have happened if I had committed either way.…

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  • Why Did William Duguid Leave Scotland

    On the 29th of August 1903 William Duguid was born in Glasgow that is in Scotland. When he was 25 on October 1927 he traveled on a boat and ended up in Wellington that is in New Zealand. In Levin he fell in love with Francis and they got married. When he came to NZ he became a linesman and when he got depressed and then he became a cow milker for his neighbors. He died in October 1967. This report is going to tell you the push and pull factors of William Duguid leaving Scotland and coming to New…

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  • Essay On Scottish Enlightenment

    Roy Porter has discussed the Scottish Enlightenment in these terms and in his own words, spliced ‘Scottish thinkers into the British story as a whole’. The historiography suggests many scholars and historians consider the Scottish Enlightenment to be a consequence of closer association with England and more specifically as a direct result of the Union of Crowns in 1707. Many key figures of the Enlightenment were born or were educated in Scotland, and Scotland’s contribution to the world is…

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  • Case Study: Glasgow Coma Scale

    DISABILITY: Kelly’s GSC score is 15/15, no brain injury reported. Her cognitive function is normal. Her anxiety and restlessness is due to lack of enough blood supply to the brain. Monitoring patient cognitive function regularly by using a simple nursing assessment scale such Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) used to describe the level of consciousness and to assess any brain problem or cognitive impairment. Patient with heart attack can suddenly changes their cognitive function due to insufficiency of…

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  • Essay On Trauma Nursing

    attached image) Step 4: Patient arrival and initial primary assessment (ABCDE): A (Airway)- Is something is occluding or blocking the throat? Examples of things might occlude the airway include tongue, vomit, or other objects. We check this first because without an airway you can die in minutes. Cervical spine immobilization is also now a part of A because if you move someone’s neck the wrong way it could paralyze them or worse kill them. B (Breathing)- Is the patient breathing, at what rate…

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  • Traumatic Brain Injury Hypothesis

    The question of why individuals would kill their fellow human being is always a debate. There has been a long-time belief that criminal behavior is something that is innate, where the argument of nature versus nurture arises. It is possible that it leans more in one direction than the other or can even be a combination of both. Additionally, criminal offenders have often reported being emotionally unstable. There seems to be less consideration for a possible predispose of criminal behavior due…

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  • Population Health In Glas Gow

    significant factor (poverty) in Glasgow which influencing the health and illness in this community in order to demonstrate all causes and explain how better health might be promoted to improve. in western Europe, Scotland has been a part of countries with the lowest life expectancy and between all cities in Scotland, Glasgow has had the most important health factors such as drug abuse, lung cancer, murder or suicide. Glasgow 's mortality rates are the highest in Britain, and the highest in…

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  • How Far Did Machaw And Janet Shaw's Portrayal Of Slavery?

    from the soiree in his honour, the Glasgow West Indies Association Petition and Janet Schaw’s diary. Both Schaw and Thompson sources agree that the conditions the slaves were working under were terrible. They describe the slaves working and being treated similar to animals. Schaw describes them like animals, lined up according to size and marched along with one master whipping them if needed. The Thompson speeches often mention that the slaves are not being treated as equal humans to the…

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  • ' The Devil's Bait, And Girl In Pieces: An Analysis

    When someone is in pain, the sympathetic human response is to lend help, so as to heal their ailment. But how does one act when the source of the ailment might not exist? Or when the person isn’t hurting physically, but emotionally? Often, there is not much a sympathizer can do besides lend a kind word and promise to be there for the sufferer despite wanting to be able to do more. Leslie Jamison, author of The Devil’s Bait, and Kathleen Glasgow, author of Girl in Pieces, both manage to express…

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  • Personal Narrative: Sophomore Year Of High School

    traditional path of receiving a state university degree and then settling down to a stable and unexciting career. Since they offered to help finance this future, I put aside my dreams of traveling the world and tried to figure out an approach to satisfy both my parents' plans and my dreams. Quite a few panic attacks and bouts of existentialism later, I realized that I could not shrink my dreams to fit into the box that I was told they were supposed to go. Coming down the stairs and facing my…

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