How My Mom Changed My Life

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Mom travelled to Canada to visit family every summer and I was lucky enough to accompany her. Mom even had a house maid that would come regularly to help clean and she also doubled as Mom's personal hair dresser. As Prince says in his song, When Doves Cry: “maybe you're just like my mother,she's never satisfied.

Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained Primary school soon became high school, however a little early for me. I went ahead a year. Was it because I was so smart, no! Mom thought I was too tall to still be a primary school, so when the opportunity for me to move ahead came up, she wanted me to go. I was happy to comply. I felt special being put ahead a year, even if I was leaving all my friends behind. Turns out this event changed my life.
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My first ever “real” date was with Jude. Jude has been always lots of fun and the class clown. When asked on my first ever date, feeling always the ugly duckling, I said “yes” of course. I met him at Fernhill Hall for his brother's 21st birthday. I was very shy, however always loved to dance and Jude and I danced. He was surprisingly quiet for the guy who was always so loud and the class clown. He made no conversation and it was a little awkward. My first kiss was only moments away and I was not going to pass that up. It was everything a young girl would dream of and then Dad came to pick me up, sigh. We passed each other in the school halls everyday after that night with a little smile on our faces. One day a mutual friend approached me to ask if I would be Jude's girlfriend. The awkwardness of the date still on my mind I said “No, we should just be friends”. And that is how it should have

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