Gladiator Movie Analysis

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The movie Gladiator, directed by Ridley Scott, tells the story of general Maximus (played by Russell Crowe) that stands against crazy Emperor (played by Joaquiem Phoenix) is considered to be one of the best historical movies in modern history. However, as it goes in historic movies, Gladiator is showing the audience the popular recitation period and masks the real perception and the real course of government. It is true that most of the changes made in the movie could only strengthen the atmosphere of the film.
The inaccuracies starts from the main characters – the biggest mistake is the fact that the character played by Russell Crowe, general and gladiator, Maximus Decimius Meridius never existed. His character in itself absorbed elements
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Narcissus is in fact the historical killer of Comodus and he was his personal trainer and perhaps even a friend, but instead of killing him in the Gladiator arena as shown in the movie, he strangled him in his bath. After Commodus death the Rome, however, never became the new republic as was shown in the end of movie. The writers decision to move the murder from the spa to the arena is in the movie called Gladiator quite understandable change.
A slightly smaller mistake was made with main villain Commodus, son of Emperor Marcus Aurelius, which he shortly after start of the movie kills. According to history books, Commodus not only existed, but had relative harmonious relationship with his father – Marcus Aurelius was, however, slightly younger than in the movie and died during plague epidemic in Vindobona.
Commodus himself was a professional fighter with a formidable 620 victories in personal combat, several times he even appeared in the gladiatorial arena (Rome found it repulsive). He was fascinated with matches and one time he executed a whole “zoo” of various animals including lions and giraffes, but he was far from a madman – according to witnesses, he was a rather naïve simpleton, a puppet of people around him and obsessed with physical endurance. In addition, his death in a bathtub came 12 years after Marcus
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Death occurred either by accident or incompetency by a gladiator. They also had a sets of rules and two referees as Paul Marks says “A forensic analysis of remains from a gladiator cemetery at Ephesus in Turkey reveals that unlike the gory free-for-all depicted in films like Ridley Scott's Gladiator, real gladiators stuck to strict rules of combat and did not resort to the savage violence and mutilation typical of battlefields of the era. Much of what we understand about gladiatorial combat comes from Roman artwork, which suggests that gladiators were well matched in their capabilities, and followed sets of rules enforced by two referees”. On the other hand, Ridley Scott put female gladiators in the movie. They really existed, though in the

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