Julius Caesar And Brutus Comparison Essay

Julius Caesar and Brutus: A Comparison

In the Shakespearean Classic Julius Caesar, many intricate characters are presented and compounded throughout the storyline. However, I will focus on the two main characters from this play, and compare their morals and personalities, to decide which one is the better man. In this essay, three main points will be presented.
Caesars faults, morals, and actions
Brutus 's faults, morals, and actions
Which one seems to be the more needed in Rome
By the end of this comparison essay, I hope to have shown the characters for who they are, and how they act, along with their basic morals. So, to begin with, Caesar.

1.Caesars Faults, morals, and actions

In the very first scene, act 1 scene 1, it is apparent
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Caesar professes his trust in Brutus, and exits the stage, leaving Cassius alone with Brutus. This is where we see the true Brutus. Cassius starts to pull Brutus to the other side, telling him that Caesar is no good for Rome, and that he needs to be... Cut from the picture. Brutus, whi was once one of Caesars most loyal followers, starts to see the light. By the next act, Brutus has his own soliloquy to discuss with himself why he wants to kill Caesar. It seems that he doesn 't think that Caesar has done anything wrong... And it even seems that he doesn 't think that Caesar may even do anything wrong in the future. Really, it seems that he 's going to kill Caesar on the off-chance that he might go power hungry in the future. Just a little strange. His wife thinks that he is acting strange also, and confronts him about it. So he lies to her as well. Anything for the good of the people, I guess. The next day, he and the other conspirators gather at the senate to prepare for the murder. Soon however, Lucius comes with the news that Caesar is not coming. So they decide to send Decius Brutus with the message that a sacrifice was slaughtered, and after it was mangled and had its guts removed, that could not find the heart. Caesar took this to be a sign that the gods were telling him that if he didn 't go to the senate, he would be a heartless beast. Of course. When Caesar arrives, Brutus …show more content…
Julius Caesar, who is supposed to be the bad guy in the story, is almost proclaimed to be someone who should be the beloved hero of the story. He is against lying, has no underlying faults that we can see, does not resent the people of Rome, has not taken advantage of his power (as declared by Brutus), and does not speak crudely or angrily to his people. The only reason that we can see for the conspirators to want to kill him is one small act of selfishness, which many of the people celebrate.
Brutus, who is one of Caesars most trusted guards, helps kill him because of this fact. He conspires against the government, lies to his wife, and murders the most powerful man in Rome. He doesn 't even appeal to have Caesar removed diplomatically by the senate, who after the murder don 't seem to care either way.
Judging from what I read, I cannot see why Brutus is loved more than Caesar, but also judging from the play this far, I believe it could have been solved politically and without

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