Julius Caesar

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  • Julius Vesus Caesar: The Assassination Of Julius Caesar

    “‘Why should Caesar get to stomp around like a giant while the rest of us try not to get smushed under his big feet? What’s so great about Caesar? Hmm?’” (Mean Girls). This quote by Gretchen Weiners from the hit movie Mean Girls accurately sums up the plot to assassinate the dictator Julius Caesar. The assassination of Julius Caesar by Marcus Brutus, one of his closest friends and advisors, rocked the Roman world and set the stage for the development of the Roman Empire. In a similar manner, Judas Iscariot sold his teacher and friend, Jesus Christ, for 30 pieces of silver to those who wanted him dead. Julius and Jesus are two of history’s most influential individuals, making it fitting that their stories are quite similar to each other’s.…

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  • Sympathy In Julius Caesar

    The play The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, written by William Shakespeare, is written taking place with a very powerful and rogue ruler, Julius Caesar, and focuses on Brutus' struggle between the adverse demands of patriotism, honor, and friendship. Within the play, Shakespeare sympathizes with Caesar’s conspirators and is very much in favor of a democracy rather than one, powerful ruler as depicted in the play. And, as Shakespeare was writing this play, he was trying to convince the audience to…

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  • Julius Caesar Controversy

    My discussion of Julius Caesar is in fact addressing the larger matter of how he came to rise. When it comes to the topic of Julius Caesar there are a lot of sources where one may find a colossal amount of information regarding this topic. In recent discussions of Julius Caesar, a controversial issue has been whether the senators were right about their accusations they had made about Caesar. On the one hand, some argue that Caesar was such a great ruler hat we was named dictator for life. On the…

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  • Julius Caesar Influence

    of a person who controls someone of something. Julius Caesar may have been the person to have the most of that power in all time. Julius Caesar, a well-known Roman dictator, impacted the destiny of the nation that he lead by expanding the Roman Empire. Author’s can use various genres of literature as a proactiv tool in educating people in many ways. Various genres of literature can be used a proactive tool in learning in many ways including having a profound effect on the reader. This makes…

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  • Penalization In Julius Caesar

    Throughout history, lords and monarchs have been infamous for their inextinguishable eagerness for power and complete domination; the induce of outright sovereignty and complete obligation was too intriguing to disdain. This domination can lead to volatile and destructive visions of the world collapsing into pieces. It is in the hands of the ruler to restrict that from ever happening. In the play, Julius Caesar, by William Shakespeare, Caesar had vivid imaginations to have supremacy over Rome;…

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  • Julius Caesar Presentation

    to see Julius Caesar’s triumphal parade as Caesar defeated the sons of Pompey, who was his archrival when Pompey was alive, in battle. Flavius and Murellus scold the citizens as they are not doing their jobs and remove some decorations from Caesar’s statues. Caesar comes in with his entourage, including military and political people like Brutus, Cassius, and Mark Antony. A Soothsayer meets Caesar and tells him to “beware the Ides of March,” but Caesar ignores the message and carries on with his…

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  • Failure Of Julius Caesar

    Julius Caesar was a very poor and deserted person, then he was given the chance to be a warrior then he never went back to the poor and deserted life again. After he was never known until he disobeyed the king at that time he would become known and eligible for king. After he disobeyed the king he was to be exiled from the city of rome. When the king exiled him he didn 't listen and went to his house. When he went to his house the kings soldier told him that he will be safe. then the king died…

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  • Manipulation In Julius Caesar

    There are many examples of places in which manipulation is used today. One such example is in the politics. Political leaders, for example Donald Trump, try to sway the public 's emotion so that they will get elected for office. Just like in the real world, there are many different areas where manipulation occurs in the play Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare. These areas include manipulation in politics, manipulation within your family or friends, and manipulation within ourselves. One…

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  • Conspreed In Julius Caesar

    destroy ones you already have. The tragedy of Julius Caesar has a lot to do with that trait. The play has the cast in which two of the main character’s lives end tragically because of one major decision made by one of them, Marcus Brutus, which ended the life of Julius Caesar. Brutus was thought to be trustworthy in the eyes of his close friend Caesar, but Brutus broke that trust by agreeing to the idea of joining Caius Cassius and forming the group of Conspirators against Caesar. The group of…

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  • Characteristics Of Julius Caesar

    Great thinker, military general, and influential dictator all describe the one and only, Julius Caesar. A man who was way ahead of his time, he started from humble beginnings and steadily worked his way up the political ladder. Despite having many critics and enemies throughout his life, Caesar was a great man. An incredibly popular ruler, by the end of his reign Caesar was considered by many to be a God. He possessed many desirable qualities that make for a great leader, such as strength,…

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