Junichiro Koizumi

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  • Kazuhiko Yamauchi's Successful Campaign

    The election took place in 2005; Junichiro Koizumi served as the Prime Minister and a member of the Liberal Democratic Party. The Liberal Democratic Party can trace “its lineage as far back as the 1870s. The mainstream of major Japanese political parties…has been in the moderate to conservative part of the political spectrum. The philosophy of the LDP favors a centralized and efficient government exercising an important role in the economy” (Hayes, 2014, pp. 191). This is where the intentions of the LDP became clear in picking Yamauchi to run in the by-election. Yamauchi is stamp and coin dealer. This establishes substantial business contracts the Liberal Democratic Party is seeking. Conducting businesses has a direct influence on the economy. The Liberal Democratic Party “has achieved…

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  • The Relationship Between Japan And China

    potential ally. This era was known as the first period, and was characterized by friendship and peace: a slogan bantered by the government as a means of normalizing the idea of their relationship. “Most Japanese public, intellectuals, mass media as well as many politicians and the business community also supported and encouraged normalization with China” (Katayama). However, this ended after the election of Junchiro Koizumi, the 87th Prime Minister of Japan. Due to his annual visits to the…

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  • Yasukuni Shrine Essay

    JJapanese Prime Minister Junichi Koizumi brought relations between China and Japan to a standstill with his annual visits to Yasukuni Shrine. Koizumi’s campaign pledge to visit Yasukuni on the 15th of August 2001 was intended to garner political support from prominent Japanese rightists, had the added effect of internationalising the issue. Within China and Korea, Yasukuni is considered to be a symbol of Japanese imperialism and expansionist militarism. Further, the enshrinement of Japan's 14…

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  • Significance Of The Yasukuni Shrine

    is not merely a memorial site where Japan’s 2.5 million military war dead are enshrined as deities, but the shrine, accompanied by a museum, is devoted to glorify Japanese militarism as a noble cause that strived to liberate Asia from Western powers and to promote an unapologetic view of Japan’s past atrocities through Korea, China, and much of Southeast Asia during the first few decades of the 20th century. The issue of shrine visits is exacerbated when Prime Minister Koizumi took office in…

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  • Japan's Foreign Aid

    two nations with total ¥140 billion (Malmström, 1996). In addition, Indonesia received Japan’s foreign aid for the first time in 1968. Japan sent its technical support, provided yen loans to Indonesia, which made Indonesia as the number one beneficiary of yen loans, and place Indonesia as the fourth or fifth largest receiver of Japanese grant aid. Those fact makes Japan replaced United States position as the main donator for Indonesia in early 1970s (Malmström, 1996). Moreover, in 2004 a massive…

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