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  • Jupiter And Jupiter Research Paper

    Jupiter and Mercury are both named after Roman gods. Jupiter is named after the king of the gods and Mercury is named after the messenger god. Jupiter is named after the king of the gods because it is the biggest planet. Mercury is named after the messenger god because it’s orbital period is so fast. Mercury and Jupiter’s names are for a reason. Mercury and Jupiter both fit very cohesively into solar system. For example, both planets have their own spot in the order from the sun. Mercury is the first closest to the sun and Jupiter is the fifth closest. This makes Mercury an inner planet and Jupiter an outer planet. Mercury, being the closest to the sun, is only 0.39 Astronomical Units, or 58,500,000 Kilometers. On the other hand, Jupiter is 5.20 Astronomical Units from the sun, or 780,000,000 Kilometers. As you can see, Mercury is much closer to the sun, but it orbits the sun a lot slower; Mercury takes 87.97 earth days to orbit the sun. Meanwhile, it takes…

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  • Research Paper On Jupiter

    Jupiter Jupiter is often referred to as “Gas Giant” due to it being the largest planet in the solar system as well as its composition of primarily hydrogen and carbon. The planet has an average temperature of -145 degrees Celsius. Its full name of Jupiter comes from the king of the Roman gods. Galileo Galilei discovered Jupiter along with its four largest moons on January 4th 1609. The planet’s iconic red, white, brown, and yellow stripes are due to regional changes. The white and yellow…

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  • Jupiter Writing Project

    Sunc8@uw.edu Writing Project Space craft finally approaching Jupiter. With NEXT, which is NASA’s new propulsion system using xenon propellant with blistering speed of up to 90,000 miles per hour, the crew traveled to Europa in about 200 days. NEXT provide same amount of energy with 860 kg of xenon propellant compare to 10,000 kg propellant in old technology and have five and a half years life time. To save food, water, energy, and space for long distance space travel, all crew members are in a…

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  • New Jupiter Research Paper

    There is Another Jupiter and We Have a Photo of It! In a solar system far away, there is a planet which is quite similar to Jupiter and some believe that they are something like siblings. Scientists have taken a photograph of a big planet which is supposed to reveal clues about Jupiter-y planets and their creation and planetary siblings. At a distance of 96 light years from Earth, the planet which is known as 51 Eribani b, was photographed by the Gemini Planet Imager, which, according to the…

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  • Jupiter Research Paper

    Jupiter the biggest planet in our solar system! It is the 5th planet from the sun. It is the 4th brightest planet. Jupiter was first discovered by Pioneer 10. After Pioneer 11, Voyager 1, Voyager 2, and Ulysses visited Jupiter. Jupiter is mostly made up of gases. Jupiter has a combination of hydrogen and helium. With traces of water, Methane, Ammonia and rock. Jupiter has a similar composition to Saturn but Jupiter most likely has a core of rocky material. Jupiter has a mass 1.8986*10(27)…

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  • Jupiter FL

    FUN ACTIVITIES IN JUPITER FL: KAYAKING One of the best things about kayaking is that it is a healthy and fun activity to share with the whole family. Not only is it a fun physical activity where everyone can consume excess energy, but it's also a wonderful way to connect with the natural world. In this day and age of nature deficit disorder due to excessive exposure to video games, computers and the internet, kayaking is a welcome outdoor activity with which all members of the family can connect…

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  • Mission Jupiter

    would get put in the “waiting room”. The “waiting room” is a top secret area located in the headquarters of NASA space center. NASA secretly chooses two people from each US state, 21 and over, to come and get entered in a drawing to go on one of their missions, and my hologram just so happened to show that I was chosen from Illinois, for “mission Jupiter”. None of the astronauts wanted to go on mission Jupiter, and…

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  • Night Lab Report

    telescope we were lucky enough to have a mostly clear sky to view in this order: Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and the Moon. Viewing these celestial bodies in person is truly one of the most exciting and core tenets of astronomy. With our telescope we were able to see firsthand and notice some of the distinct characteristics of the different objects. First we looked at our nearby neighbor planet, Mars. Mars is named after the Roman god of war and has a nickname of the “Red Planet” due to its reddish…

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  • Greek Mythology: The Inner Jovian Moon

    The Inner Jovian Moons For the moon project I recieved the Inner Jovian moons. The Inner Jovian Moons are four different moons of Jupiter. The names of these moons are Adrastea, Metis, Amalthea, and Thebe. Each of these moons get their names from Greek Mythology. They Were all discovered by different people. As it goes for research I found that all of these moons have very little to be known about them. They do not know the rotational period of any of these moons. A lot of the pictures at are…

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  • Jovian Planet Research Paper

    The core’s are about 10 times the size of Earth’s consisting of metals, rock, and hydrogen compounds. Jupiter, on the other hand is made almost entirely of hydrogen and helium 4. Because of its large size, Jupiter loses heat very slowly. The planet is still slowly contracting. Contraction converts gravitational energy into thermal energy. Neptune also uses contraction as a way of generating internal heat. Saturn, on the other hand, has liquid helium raining into its interior and it has a less…

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