Tragedy In Julius Caesar

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The Tragedy of Julius Caesar Essay

The Tragedy of Julius Caesar is play written by the great playwright William Shakespeare around 1599,this play was based on true events in Roman history. The play starts with a number of commoners of Rome celebrating Caesar's victory over Pompey’s son at the battle of the Munda. However during Caesar's parade a soothsayer warns Caesar to "Beware the ides of March", he disregards and ignores the man. Brutus and Cassius have a conversation, in which Cassius attempts to influence Brutus' opinions into believing Caesar should be killed, and tries to have Brutus join his conspiracy to kill Caesar. Finally Brutus gives in and join Cassius and other conspiracy to assassinate. After the assassination of Caesar
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Furthermore a tragedy if triggered by some wrong judgement or character flaw that contributes to the hero’s lack of perfection. Equally important is the main characteristic of a tragedy is a literary tragedy is a written piece that consist of courageous, also a noble character who must confront powerful obstacle, external and sometimes within. Brutus was the tragic hero of Julius Caesar due to the fact that he had to choose between love and loyalty to Rome or his loyalty to his long time friend Caesar, who his seemed to gone mad with power and is on a path of becoming a tyrant. Brutus was the tragic hero in Julius Caesar the reason why I say this because always thinking of the best interest of Rome and the Roman people. So this means that Brutus will stop at nothing to satisfy his Roman people. This can be seen throughout the play this was due to what to Cassius said to Brutus, “Brutus” and “Caesar”-- what should be in that “Caesar”? Why should that name be sounded more than your?” This means that why should Caesar the ruler over Brutus when he is not fit to be the ruler of rome. This also means that Caesar should not be put on a high pedestal over Brutus when they are the …show more content…
However when Brutus hears how commoners are treating Caesar as if he was a god, this made Brutus worry about the state of Rome. “I would not, Cassius, yet I love him well, Even though Brutus said he loves Caesar, he also fears that his friend will be crowned king, which is not the best interest for rome.
In conclusion Brutus was a tragic hero because he had to do what he thought needed to be done in order to save Rome. Even though it was carried out in the wrong in the way he was still a tragic hero one way or another. Besides that Brutus fits all five characteristics of a tragic hero which meant doing and experiencing all these traits. which are having a high position and an elevated higher position , a tragic downfall also a punishment that exceed the crime, gain in self knowledge. Brutus embodies all of these characteristic which means he is a tragic hero at the end of day even though he made bad

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