Julius Caesar Essay: Was Caesar A Bad Person?

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Was Caesar truly a bad person, and was his murder necessary? What caused the people to believe Ceasar was a bad person. Was Caesar truly a bad person or was he just framed for false beliefs. Was Caesar's death necessary, the Tragedy of Julius Caesar reveals information about Caesar and his death.

The Tragedy of Julius Caesar. Caesar may have been a bad person, although he had his political views that benefited Rome. In act 1, scene 1 the emotions and actions of the commoners showed how they idolized Caesar. Brutus’s motives were under the perception of the public. Which lead to him talking himself into believing, that the plot against Caesar’s “Tragedy” is the right action to take. As well from a political standpoint Caesar's murder was not
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As well many of the real “Tragedies” could have been avoided. After Caesar’s death a civil war broke out, the common people began to revolt and get worried. And another drawback to the conspiracy and murder of Caesar was. There was no true plan that would neutralize the commoners riots. Hence selecting a new leader wasn't anticipated by the people.

Brutus was under the impression especially in his own mind that the death of Caesar. Would lead to change and a new era of rule. Although some of these estimations happened. The end result was much worse than the return. The common people started revolting against Brutus. He was intending on becoming the yet leader yet this did not take place. It all lead up to the shocking suicide of Brutus all his plans were pointless from the start.

Julius Caesar truly was a bad person. Although he had his pros and cons just like every person. The cons outweighed his pros in this situation leading to rumours and his death. Although Caesar may not have had the best intentions, he tried to make Rome a better society. He was a strong and outgoing person who accomplished things. As an end result his death lead to nothing positive except for more death and war, so maybe keeping him alive could have benefited everyone more on a uplifting side. Caesar was truly a bad person

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