Analysis Of Barry Strauss's 'The Death Of Caesar'

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“The Death of Caesar” by Barry Strauss, tells the story of history’s most famous assassination, the assassination of Julius Caesar. Caesar was a military dictator and in line for the crown until the Ides of March 44 B.C. when he was betrayed by his best friend and murdered. This was result of a civil war in Rome.
As Caesar began to gain power he became an obvious threat to the Roman Republic. Caesar was loved by the people but not by the higher ups in Rome, who feared his rise of power (Shmoop). People of Rome had abandoned their work to celebrate Caesar. During this time in the Roman Republic, anyone’s rise in power from the people was viewed as a threat. However, Caesars death results in a Roman Civil War. If you think about power in our
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Caesar’s wife has a dream about his death the night before it happens, she tells him about it and he just brushes it off as it was nothing, this is showing how women during this time are not of the same importance of men (Strauss, 2015). If Caesar had listened to her he would have been looked at as a coward for doing what a woman said. Women are excluded from politics and public roles because that would-be weakness of Rome (Shmoop). Rome was the most powerful region of this time and women having important roles would have made other empires think they were …show more content…
The first lesson we can learn is from Julius Caesar himself. We can learn not to be so prideful in ourselves. Pride and e a scary thing in a person, especially if you have too much of it. The second lesson is from Brutus and Decimus, they betrayed their best friend for the Republic, which eventually failed anyway. Never stab your best friend in the back, it will eventually get you back. Caesar was murdered because of the fear of his rise in power, which ultimately resulted in the Roman Civil War, and then eventually the fall of the Roman Republic. Not everything is always as it seems, and not everything will always go as planned. However, the main theme of the book is very different from that of the play. In the book, Strauss, is trying to get us to realize that it was not Brutus alone who betrayed Caesar, but also a beat friend and general in his army, Decimus.
“The Death of Caesar” by Barry Strauss, is the perfect book to read while taking World Cavillations One. In this course, there isn’t much time to go into depth of the civilizations that we study, including the Roman Republic, or the death of one of the most famous military dictators of this time. The Roman Republic was one of the greatest governments of this time, Rome conquered an enormous amount of land in a short time, because of their wonderful military and everyone feared the

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