Julius Caesar Alan Berg Analysis

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Mark Twain once said, “The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time”(Death Quotes, Brainy Quotes). Julius Caesar and Alan Berg both stared death in the face more than one time and eventually they both paid for it. Alan Berg and Julius Caesar were both very influential people with radical ideas that not everyone agreed with. The two men lived very different lifestyles and had very different views on the world but, both of the men’s radical ideas led to their assassination.
Alan Berg was shot multiple times out of cold blood on June 18, 1984. Berg became a target when he offended a man from the white supremacist group The Order(Alan Berg, Wikipedia). The Order already did not like Berg
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What made Caesar a target was his passion to be made King (The Life of Caesar). He was not well liked by those around him because of his arrogant attitude and he was too cocky to see anything in front of his eyes. The men who conspired against Julius Caesar were ironically his own friends, for the most part. Cassius, Decius, his best friend Brutus and a few other men saw to the killing of Caesar. The assassins were able to accomplish their objective by being very sneaky. Decius purposely had a long conversation with Caesar, allowing the other to get into position. Caesar then made his way into the building where the senate would have their meetings. He figured he was there to discuss some political situation. The conspirators circled around his chair, some behind the chair and some in front of the chair. The first stab was made after Tillius Cimber motioned for it to happen (The Life of Caesar). The last stab on Caesar was by his best friend Brutus. That was the final blow in Caesar’s life. The assassins wanted to create a new, free spot to rule Rome. They also wanted to be viewed as heroes by the general of Rome. Killing Caesar really backfired on the conspirators. Marc Antony took over as the leader of Rome and practically exiled all of the conspirators. He eventually killed all of them as well. Antony created a Civil War in Rome and Octavius Caesar became emperor after all had settled

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