Second Triumvirate

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  • Manipulation In Julius Caesar

    know because she is his wife. Brutus still refuses, and Portia says that if he does not tell her, this like of trust shows that “Portia is Brutus’ harlot, not his wife” (2.1.189). She then goes on to prove her faithfulness to Brutus by “giving [herself] a voluntary wound here in the thigh” and saying that if she can suffer from this pain and still not complain, she is faithful enough to her husband to hear his worries (2.1.302-303). This emotional manipulation causes Brutus to give in and he tells her the reason why he is worried. One character who manipulates his friends is Antony, who manipulates Lepidus. Lepidus is an able soldier who is supposed to be part of the Second Triumvirate with Octavius and Antony. Antony, however, does not view Lepidus as smart and questions Octavious if he should even be in the triumvirate. Antony thinks that Lepidus “is a slight, meritable man,…

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  • Manipulation In The Tragedy Of Julius Caesar

    Facades, treachery, and deceit are all tactics used in manipulation, and without manipulation, the course of history would have changed dramatically. Brutus would never have joined the conspiracy to kill Caesar, and because of that, the second triumvirate would change. In William Shakespeare’s play The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, Shakespeare writes about how deceit, treachery, and facades are used time and time again for conspirators and loyal friends to get what they want. Shakespeare…

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  • Julius Ceesar: Examples Of Loyalty In The Tragedy Of Julius Caesar

    characters and led to the manipulation and downfall of others. Because Julius Caesar was a controversial leader, many of the conspirators had different reasons for his death. For example, a senator Marcus Brutus wants to take down Caesar for the good of Rome. He has been manipulated by Cassius who tells him that the Republic will be demolished if Caesar may be crowned emperor. While addressing the crowd, Brutus explains, “If then that friend demand why / Brutus rose against Caesar, this is my…

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  • Mark Antony's Use Of Persuasion In Julius Caesar

    In Act III, Scene 2 of The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, Mark Antony turned a crowd of mourning citizens to an angry mob. Antony turned this crowd into an angry mob through multiple persuasive devices. Brutus and the other conspirators thought they were killing Caesar for the good of Rome, but Antony and other ideas. He wanted to discreetly show the crowd of Romans who the conspirators actually were to him, a group of murderers. In order to persuade the people to not have sympathy for the…

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  • Julius Caesar Public Figure Essay

    that if Caesar became king, the Romans would become slaves to Caesar and Caesar would abuse his power. The only goal that the conspirators succeeded in was physically killing Caesar. However, all of their other goals failed, because the events after Caesar’s death were not in their favor. When Antony was speaking to Caesar’s dead body he prophesied many bad things about Rome. Such as a fierce civil war paralyzing all of Italy, blood and destruction being common, and many cruel deeds would be…

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  • Summary: The Tragedy Of Julius Caesar

    it’s a toss up. First, the play is titled The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, but it’s more about the decisions made by other people such as Cassius, Antony, and Brutus. Cassius gets more attention in the sense that he is the main conspirator and he brews up this whole idea and he’s the one who is power hungry and wants to assassinate Caesar. So in a sense if he wasn’t thinking the way he was none of this would have happened. Caesar would have become “king” and everyone would go on with life as…

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  • Mark Antony Speech In Julius Caesar

    Throughout time there have been many instances where a strong orator voices their opinion with power persuasive elements and lead to a drastic change, much like the case of Mark Antony in Julius Caesar, by William Shakespeare. Before Antony gives his famous eulogy of his dead friend and future leader of Rome, Julius Caesar, Marcus Brutus gives his outlook on the situation first in front of a crowd of Romans. Brutus is also a close friend of Caesar but he believes that Caesar needed to die…

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  • Sympathy In Julius Caesar

    The play The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, written by William Shakespeare, is written taking place with a very powerful and rogue ruler, Julius Caesar, and focuses on Brutus' struggle between the adverse demands of patriotism, honor, and friendship. Within the play, Shakespeare sympathizes with Caesar’s conspirators and is very much in favor of a democracy rather than one, powerful ruler as depicted in the play. And, as Shakespeare was writing this play, he was trying to convince the audience to…

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  • Problems Revealed In Shakespeare's 'Julius Caesar'

    Julius Caesar Final Essay Shakespeare is known to cover important statements on life in his plays and other works. In Julius Caesar he conveys various statements, one being that people always try to find the easiest way out of their problems. This can be observed in the reasons for why Cassius has Caesar killed, how the conspiracy wanted to just kill off Antony, and why Cassius had Pindorus kill him instead of taking his loses on the battle field like a man. However, it 's funny that none of…

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  • The Contradiction Of Brutus In Shakespeare's Julius Caesar

    The Contradiction of Brutus Despite his primary goal to prevent Rome from falling into the hands of a dictator who would ruin Rome from the inside out, Brutus himself ironically acts like a totalitarian, tyrannical, despot. Even though Brutus meets up with the other patricians planning to kill Caesar because of his threat as a king, Brutus ironically acts like a king when he overrides the other’s ideas to enforce his own logic. When Cassius confronts him in the second scene, Brutus first reveals…

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