Cleopatra VII

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  • Cleopatra VII: Just Cleopatra

    Cleopatra VII Cleopatra VII (also know as just Cleopatra) is one of the most famous pharaohs of Egypt. She is most known for being one of the few female rulers during this time and her marriages to Julius Caesar and Mark Antony. Some of Cleopatra's other accomplishments include her pharmacology work and studies, strengthening Egypt’s military, and speaking at least six languages. Cleopatra VII was born in 69 B.C in Alexandria, Egypt, however her father Ptolemy XII (who was also the pharaoh at this time) was Macedonian Greek. It believed that her mother is Cleopatra Selene II, since this cannot be confirmed there is confusion about Cleopatra VII’s race. She lived her life as a princess until she was about 17 and her younger brother Ptolemy…

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  • Cleopatra Marc Antony Relationship

    her marriages she expected to win dominion over the Roman world.” Cleopatra VII was the final Ptolemaic queen of Egypt and, most likely, one of the most influential and powerful of her time. Not only was she one of the first queens of the Macedonian era to know many languages in order to avoid translators during her rule, she also used powerful tools such as likening herself to the Goddess Isis to gain respect of her people. Despite all of these things, one of the strongest assets that…

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  • Cleopatra Research Paper

    mother and father. Cleopatra’s full name was Cleopatra VII Thea Philopator – meaning Cleopatra the father loving goddess. Also, history shows that Cleopatra was highly educated and smart. ”Well – educated and clever, Cleopatra could speak various languages….” (, page 1) Without Cleopatra history would be very different. Cleopatra’s family was very interesting. Her family had been the rulers of Egypt for a long time. Cleopatra’s father was Ptolemy XII (Auletes). Also, he was the ruler…

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  • How Did Cleopatra Come To Power

    Cleopatra VII: Face or Power Figure Some see her as the most powerful Pharaoh in all ancient Egypt. Some see her as a petty, weak female ruler who gave up her dynasty to the Romans for her lover. Even historians today argue about this, possibly because, in the end, she did lose the Egyptian empire to the Romans. But before that, she brought to it great power. In truth, Cleopatra had many hardships and obstacles in her way that she overcame and proved to be a very successful leader. But through…

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  • How Did Cleopatra Influence Western Civilization

    Her name is dripped with legend, power and seduction. She became the last in a dynasty of Macedonian rulers founded by Ptolemy and would use her powers of beauty and charm to seduce military leaders. Cleopatra, is quite known in popular culture as this divining figure, using her brains and beauty to rule in her way, portrayed by beauty icons in films and plays such as Elizabeth Taylor and Claudette Colbert. Everyone knows her legend but very few actually understand her true importance as a…

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  • The Challenges Of Cleopatra I Became Queen Of Egypt

    When Cleopatra VII became queen of Egypt in the year fifty one BC, Cleopatra was only 17 years old. Cleopatra would take control of a downtrodden empire that was in economic as well as political disparity. Cleopatra would use her sexuality and political prowess to raise her empire out of the harsh times that they were facing. Cleopatra would use her powers of seduction and her godlike personification to raise herself and her empire forever in the history books of the world. After Ptolemy XII…

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  • Ancient Egypt

    Egyptians were overthrown by Alexander the Great’s Macedonian Empire in 332 BC. Following his death, one of his generals assumed control of Egypt. Becoming Ptolemy I Soter, the first Ptolemaic Pharaoh of Egypt, he was careful to carry on the legacy of the native Pharaohs, adopting their religion, taking up their manners and dress, and even assuming practices like sibling marriage. In honor of the first of the dynasty, all male descendants of Ptolemy were likewise named Ptolemy, and all females…

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  • Beyond The Beauty Of Cleopatra Essay

    Beyond the Beauty of Cleopatra VII – Genius of the Ancient World The real story of the last queen of Egypt, her strategic thinking, quick-wittedness, political skills and brilliant leadership. Cleopatra VII died on the 12th August 30BCE after ruling Egypt for 22 years. Her death followed her defeat to Octavian, future first emperor of Rome, ending an important Egyptian era and leaving behind a legacy to be passed through many generations. From a young age Cleopatra was raised to rule Egypt…

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  • Essay On Cleopatra Vs. Mansour

    Cleopatra v. Mansour: Permanent Beauty or Temporary Presidency Pope Shenouda II once said,”Egypt is not just a country we live in but a country that lives in us.” Cleopatra is the face of beauty and charm which she used to her advantage when ruling. Adly Mansour has his focus entirely on how Egypt is being ruled and the safety of the citizens. Although both Cleopatra and Adly Mansour are both very famous Egyptian rulers, Mansour focuses more on how his country is being ruled. Cleopatra, along…

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  • Strengths And Role Of Cleopatra

    Cleopatra VII could be considered the Queen of the Kings (Samson 1985:103). She had the title of a Pharaoh, but not the blood of an Egyptian as she was a Greek (Samson 1985:103). Cleopatra was not only a great beauty, but possessed charm, determination and great intelligence which contributed to her strength as a ruler (Samson 1985:103). The Egyptians seemed to have no problem being ruled by a woman as Cleopatra was Pharaoh of Egypt during the Ptolemaic period (Ashton 2008:72). She was…

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