Alexander the Great

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  • Alexander The Great: Alexander The Great

    Alexander the Great is one of the world’s greatest rulers to date. Born in the Macedonian capital of Pella, his father Philip II was the newly appointed king. Throughout his youth, Alexander received the best education a person of his stature could obtain. In his early teens he studied under Aristotle, a great philosopher recognized in modern times. He was also schooled in military values and war strategies. At 16, Alexander was given control of Macedonia while his father partook of expanding Macedonian controlled territory. During his leave, Philip II was murdered in foreign lands. At the age of 19, Alexander was given the position of commander of the Macedonian troops. When he reached 20, he succeeded his father to the throne by popular election. The Battle of Chaeronea was one of his first victories. He surged forth into the city and took control of Thebes. In the…

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  • Alexander The Great

    Most people are at least familiar with his name. Anyone who reads history hears his name mentioned with some frequency. For millennia military leaders including Hannibal, Julius Caesar, and Augustus have been striving for accomplishments that rival his. Julius Caesar, after his military campaigns in Gaul and the civil war over Rome, is said to have lamented that his campaign was nothing compared to that of Alexander. Napoleon Bonaparte even imitated his offensive strategy from the battle of…

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  • Alexander The Great: The Achievements Of Alexander The Great

    Alexander the Great is credited with being an exceptional ruler who conquered the majority of the known word. Accomplishing some of the most impressive and elaborate conquerings in the 300s BCE, Alexander the Great had an empire spanning from Egypt to Asia. Alexander was able to achieve such victories through his short life because of his father, his army, and his impeccable leadership abilities. A lot of the accomplishments made by Alexander the Greats can be attributed to his father…

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  • Alexander The Great: Great Or Great?

    Alexander the Great Is Alexander great or not great? I think Alexander is great because he conquered so much land just to be remembered. He was a great leader to his soldiers and he respected them. Alexander never gave up, but he kept on going and he believed in himself. Alexander showed that he is great in the legend of the helmet and in the legend of the hat band. Alexander was respectful to his soldiers. In The legend of the helmet, Alexander’s army found some water, put it in a helmet…

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  • Alexander The Great: Who Was Alexander The Great?

    There are many people throughout history that were given the title “Great”. Alexander the Great is one of those people; in fact, his name is so popular it’s practically a household name. Was Alexander of Macedonia really “great” like everyone says he is? I say, yes, he was Alexander the Great. During his time as King, Alexander led many conquests. His father, Philip II of Macedonia had dreams of conquering the Persian Empire which was the largest empire at the time. When Philip was murdered in…

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  • Alexander Of Macedon: Alexander The Great

    Alexander of Macedon is know as “Alexander The Great,” because of his military intelligence and diplomatic skills in handling the people in the places he conquered. His skills later influenced other conquerors such as, Hannibal the Carthaginian, the Romans Pompey and Caesar, and Napoleon. Alexander grew up watching his father make Macedon into a great military power, and he learned from that. Alexander III of Macedon became king when his father, Philip II of Macedon, was assassinated in 336…

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  • Alexander The Great: The Importance Of Alexander The Great

    This essay aims to present the importance of Alexander the Great within the history. This character represents one of the most important characters of the history; not only of the past but also to the present, his achievements transcend until our days. It is interesting to observe how the outside facts and events that made large figure of Alexander. There are many historians and thinkers who have focused in investigate and analyze the mental aspects and personal of this character. These…

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  • Alexander The Great Essay: The Battle Of Alexander The Great

    by the same language, the same blood and the same visions.” Alexander the Great once said said. Alexander the Great was a king of Macedonia and son of King Philip II and Olympia. He was also one of the greatest military leaders in history. Alexander’s great military campaign started in Amphipolis. Before crossing to Asia, Alexander wanted to secure the borders north of him. In the spring of 335 BC, he set course east into the country of the "Independent Thracians"; and once he arrived at Mount…

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  • Alexander The Great: Mastery Of Politics Of Alexander The Great

    never felt he was a conqueror but rather a liberator of all man. He did not want to simply defeat his enemies militarily. Gaining victories over armies was only the first step. Alexander respected every religion and every culture he became ruler of. Instead of simply killing his opposing leaders he would treat them as his friends and equals if they chose to be so. When King Darius of the Persian Empire was defeated by Alexander he soon learned that his wife, mother, and family had been taken…

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  • The Challenges Of Alexander: The Great, The Great

    his third wife Olympias had a child named Alexander. At a young age Alexander was educated by a wise Greek philosopher named Aristotle. According to Plutarch, Alexander went against Aristotle’s advice to treat the Greeks as a leader, and the barbarians as a master (Plutarch 4). However, he treated them as friends and kinsmen so that his kingdom would not be filled with warfare, banishments and secret plots. In this way he could mediate and govern the world (Plutarch 4). He conquered the Persians…

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