Ancient history

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  • Ancient Greek History

    The Ancient Greeks Ancient Greek history starts around 2000 BCE and with the arrival of Indo-European settlers in the Aegean Rim. These are the settlers that the Ancient Greeks take for their ancestors. The Ancient Greeks have a deep and expansive history. The Greeks rose from individual settlers to developing entire armies and colonies. Ancient Greeks also developed some of the first philosophers and saw a deep passion for the arts and humanities. It was the Ancient Greeks who founded the powerful cities of Sparta, Athens, and Miletus. The history of Ancient Greece is long and prosperous, and is one of the most fascinating times in history to study. This topic is interesting to me because I have always enjoyed the Ancient Greek…

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  • Ancient Olympics History

    will continue to stay around. They started out in the Ancient Olympics with sports like the Chariot Races and the Javelin throw, but have moved on to things like gymnastics and figure skating. Despite being very different from Modern Olympics, the Ancient Olympics were very similar in terms of sports and time, changed a lot over time, and brought countries together during times of war. When the Ancient Olympics first began, in 776 B.C., they were a festival celebrating the Greek God Zeus…

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  • Ancient Greek History Essay

    Ancient Greek history must be one of the many important things that I say must be taught in any general school. I feel that the classics must at least be brought up in a middle and high school history class so that when these students reach their college career level they know more than who was president and who won what war. Many may say that the classics that may have been a fraud, but how does that explain all the proof of these wonderful hand painted vases, the wonderful architecture, the…

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  • Herodotus And Thucydides: The Purpose Of Ancient Greek History

    The purpose of ancient Greek History during the time of Herodotus and Thucydides was a period of developing methods for the study of the past, documentation of wars, and creating historical and entertaining stories for the people. It was the time of initial inquiry of developing an understanding of the beginning of the story as well as the methods to gain this information. Roman historians of Polybius, Titus Livius Patavinus, Publius Tacitus, benefited from the previous establishment of…

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  • Diaulos In Ancient Greek History

    Introduction The Olympics started in ancient Olympia Greece, which is located in a valley in Elis, in western Peloponnisos, through which runs the Alpheus River. The Olympics of Ancient Greece were a lot different compared to the Olympics in the modern world. According to the modern world, Olympic athletes have to prove themselves to the extent that they are not only best in their country, but has the ability to compete with other best athletes from all other countries. This is similar to the…

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  • Essay On Gender Roles In Ancient Greek History

    Women and gender have played huge roles in our history and in ancient films that we see today. We have seen these gender roles in Troy, 300, Alexander and many more. Throughout ancient history, women have showed and have helped us understand more about different ancient Greek cultures. With there role in society we are able to find out more about how each Ancient Greek city felt about gender and gender roles. The roles that women have played in history and in these movies are different and…

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  • Michael Parenti: A People's History Of Ancient Rome

    During the late Roman Republic, Michael Parenti proposes to interpret conflicts such as power through the use of what he calls “A people’s history, therefore the title “A People’s history of ancient Rome”. In Michael Parenti’s words, “A people’s history should be not only an account of popular struggle against oppression but an expose of the anti-people’s history that has prevailed among generations of mainstream historians” (Parenti pg.11). His intention is to present the reader with a history…

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  • Ancient History: The Ancient Mayan Civilization

    The Ancient Mayan Civilization Centuries ago, the Mayan civilization was born. This was a civilization skilled in the art of agriculture, pottery, hieroglyphic writing, calendar making, and mathematics. The time in which the Mayan’s existed can be broken down into three different parts. Originally, the earliest settlements of the Mayans existed in a time around 1800 B.C.E. During this time the native’s days were predominantly composed of tending to the civilizations agricultural commitment. …

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  • Kingship In The Epic Of Gilgamesh

    The Epic of Gilgamesh serves as the oldest surviving piece of literature in existence and weaves a narrative of a tyrannical king who gradually changes into an upstanding and benevolent ruler of the ancient city-state of Uruk. This work is more than a poem surrounding Gilgamesh: it incorporates extensive themes such as longing for immortality, the clash between nature and nurture, and one man’s path to enlightenment. Through Gilgamesh’s pursuit of harmony among the multiple faces of his being: a…

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  • Monarchy In The Iliad

    the quarter. In the ancient world honor was typically seen as the highest characteristic that one could attain, to the point of one risking their life or dieing to bring honor to themselves and their families. If a man died at the hands of another man in war, he was seen as having the highest honor as he was serving his city. A woman did not have honor based on her own doing but rather on the honor of her father until she was married, then her honor was based on the honor of her husband. During…

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