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  • Kakinada Port Case Study

    KAKINADA DEEP WATER PORT CASE STUDY 1. Project Description This case study revolves around the Kakinada Deep Water Port which is a part of the Kakinada Port situated in the east coast of the southern state of Andhra Pradesh. This port henceforth referred to as KDWP is a part of the Kakinada Port. Apart from the KDWP, the Kakinada Port also houses the Kakinada Anchorage Port and the Kakinada Fishing Harbor and Ship-Breaking Unit. This project of KDWP was initially started by the Government of Andhra Pradesh in the year 199. However it was privatized, in an attempt to establish the Public Private Partnership (PPP) by Government of Andhra Pradesh in 1999. PPP Structure: The model adopted for this project is “Operate Maintain Share and Transfer…

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  • Subjectivist Theory

    Ritchie & Marchionni, 2009; Carter, 2006). AI is a type of action research that studies the positive aspects of a group when it is working at its very best, in order to imagine and create positive change for the future (Cooperrider & Whitney, 2005). Fundamental to AI is the belief that in every group there is something positive that requires focus and this focus can become a reality through the efforts of people in the organisation (Cooperrider & Whitney, 2005). AI is a participatory research…

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  • National Green Tribunal Case Study

    Central Government may from time to time, advice. The expert members also should neither be less than ten nor more than twenty as the Central Government may from time to time, advice. Also the Chairman of the Tribunal has given the power to invite one or more Expert members who are the experts of their field and also have experience to advice the Tribunal in particular case. The NGT has its branch in the following part of the country: ZONE PLACE OF SITTING TERRITORIAL JURISDICTION…

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  • SURE Model Of Incumbent And Challenger Vote Shares

    To recapitulate: of the total of 543 Lok Sabha constituencies, 204 (or 37.6 percent) are— – and have been since the 1996 Lok Sabha election— - in the seven Hindi speaking (HS) states of Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, and Uttar Pradesh and, of these 204 constituencies, respectively, 40 and 80 are in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. The HS states are of particular importance for the BJP since a large number of its contested constituencies are from these states: in…

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  • Ravi River Essay

    HISTORY OF RIVER RAVI Ravi River, the littlest waterway of the stream Indus framework was among that were given to India when the Indus Water Treaty was agreed upon. Ravi River is one of the five floods of stream Indus that has lead to the area 's name Punjab (signifying "Five Rivers"). It is arranged in the northwestern piece of India and north eastern piece of Pakistan. Waterway Ravi emerges from the Himalyas in Himachal Pradesh state, India and travels through west-northwest Chamba, going…

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  • The BJP And INC Electoral Elections

    for every 100 votes received by the collective of non-BJP parties (that is, 21 percent of the total vote). The value of the amplification coefficient, α, is thus a measure of electoral efficiency— – the smaller its value, the greater the ease with which votes are converted into seats. Hindi Speaking States In earlier chapters we had drawn attention to the importance of Hindi-speaking (HS) states to the relative electoral fortunes of the INC and the BJP. To recapitulate: of the total of 543 Lok…

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  • Kim Jonghyun Case Study

    The death of Kim Jonghyun was an event unexpected by anyone. Confirmed on the 18th of December, he was previously found in an apartment unconscious. Reports confirmed its source as a coal briquette, which caused carbon monoxide poisoning in his lungs. After several attempts of oxygen therapy, Kim Jonghyun sorrowfully passed that night. How much had he suffered before that night? Kim Jonghyun notable lead the hyper-popular Korean boy group known as SHINee. Debuting in 2008 with their EP replay…

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  • Gender Inequality In Drought

    the gender differences in terms of sex ratio, literacy status in Rayalaseema Region of Andhra Pradesh. The Andhra Pradesh State, popularly known as the “rice bowl of India”, while majority of the population (62%) for their livelihood depend on agriculture related activities. The State have two distinct geographical regions, Rayalaseema and Coastal Andhra, the…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Female Education

    . Male literacy stands at 74.8% while female literacy is at 60.0% in Andhra Pradesh for the year 201-15-15. There is high disparity between the literacy rates of SCs and STs. In Andhra Pradesh, the girl dropout rate is over 20 per cent during 2015-16. There is a significant correlation between the percentage of child marriage incidents and the percentage of school dropout among girls . Adolescent girls typically lack access to education and health services .Further the parents in rural areas do…

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  • Tribal Welfare Hostels Case Study

    1. To analyse the role of administrative apparatus in running tribal welfare hostels. 2. To make comparative assessment of the working of Tribal Welfare Hostels in agency and plain regions of Andhra Pradesh. 3. To analyse the scholastic achievements of tribal welfare hostel boarders. 4. To analyse and assess the perceptions of the boarders, wardens and parents of Tribal Welfare hostels. 5. To suggest suitable measure for the effective functioning of Tribal welfare hostels in India in general and…

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