Argumentative Essay On Female Education

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Educating girls and women is a human right which is indispensable to ensure societal health and wellbeing. Female education creates powerful poverty-reducing synergies and yields enormous intergenerational gains (Mercy Tembon and Lucia Fort, 2008). Literacy of women is an important key to improving health, nutrition and education in the family and to empowering women to participate in decision making in society (Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action, 1995). Countries with higher levels of female secondary-school enrollment have lower infant mortality rates, lower fertility, lower rates of HIV and AIDS, and better child nutrition (Mercy Tembon and Lucia Fort, 2008).
Indian government measures have led to near-universal enrolment of children
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. Male literacy stands at 74.8% while female literacy is at 60.0% in Andhra Pradesh for the year 201-15-15. There is high disparity between the literacy rates of SCs and STs. In Andhra Pradesh, the girl dropout rate is over 20 per cent during 2015-16. There is a significant correlation between the percentage of child marriage incidents and the percentage of school dropout among girls . Adolescent girls typically lack access to education and health services .Further the parents in rural areas do not send their daughters to the colleges due financial problems, family pressures and patriarchal norms. The girls once out of school get meager opportunities to learn and earn to lead a decent life. Regarding the Higher education, there is gender disparity Male 25% as against females 18%. One in three of all child marriages in the world take place in India (UNICEF 2014) and more than a third of rural Andhra girls get married before the legal marriageable age of 18. Girls married as minors are more likely than those married as adults to report early, frequent and unplanned pregnancies which have been consistently linked to increased risk for maternal and infant morbidity and mortality. More than 50% cases of human trafficking involved minors and close 90% of them were girls trafficked to be forced into prostitution (National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) 2015). ICT use in schools and lab facilities in colleges are limited . The educational component on life skills and mental health are almost missing either in school or college

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