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  • SURE Model Of Incumbent And Challenger Vote Shares

    To recapitulate: of the total of 543 Lok Sabha constituencies, 204 (or 37.6 percent) are— – and have been since the 1996 Lok Sabha election— - in the seven Hindi speaking (HS) states of Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, and Uttar Pradesh and, of these 204 constituencies, respectively, 40 and 80 are in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. The HS states are of particular importance for the BJP since a large number of its contested constituencies are from these states: in 2014, nearly 45 percent (192 out of 428) of the constituencies contested by the BJP were from the HS states. These states are also important for the INC but to a lesser degree: 34 percent (158 out of 464) of the constituencies contested by the INC in 2014 were from the HS…

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  • Language Families Of India

    general elections, again no party won an absolute majority, but the Congress emerged as the largest single party, forming another successful coalition: the United Progressive Alliance (UPA). It had the support of left-leaning parties and MPs who opposed the BJP. The UPA returned to power in the 2009 general election with increased numbers, and it no longer required external support from India's communist parties. That year,Manmohan Singh became the first prime minister since Jawaharlal Nehru in…

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  • The BJP And INC Electoral Elections

    some of its vote disadvantage, relative to the non-BJP parties, in terms of its seat disadvantage. For example, in 2009, with α = 0.89, for every vote won by the BJP, the non-BJP parties won 4.3 votes but, for every seat won by the BJP, the non-BJP parties won 3.7 seats. Thus the essential difference between the BJP and the INC was that, compared to the INC, the BJP was more efficient in translating votes into seats. In order to understand this measure of this inefficiency consider a party which…

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  • Ancient India Research Paper

    India also has a thriving black-market powered by movie piracy and the sale of luxury goods such as antiques, or medicinal supplies such as drugs and human organs (International Chamber of Commerce). India’s primary form of government is a republic ruled by an elected president a prime minister and two parliaments bound by a constitution(The Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha). Parliamentary and presidential elections are normally held in five year cycles, but can be called early in case of a political…

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  • National Green Tribunal Case Study

    Vice-Chairperson and such other Members, as the Central Government may find appropriate. According to the 186th Report of the Law Commission of India, the Appellate Tribunal did not have a great deal of work in view of the narrow reach of its jurisdiction as per notification issued. It dealt with very few cases and once the end of the term of the first Chairman, no further selection has been made. Thus, the two above mentioned National Environmental Tribunals, planned under the above-mentioned…

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  • Politics Of Defection In Gandhi

    defection politics, 116 were included in the Councils of Ministers in the Governments they helped to form. THE FATE OF THE CHAVAN COMMITTEE REPORT There was a lot of restlessness over the issue of defections. The law-making body had to take a stern step over this matter. The Lok Sabha thus decided to adopt a non-official resolution on 8 December, 1967 which was to deal with the appointment of a high-level committee. Eventually in 1968, it was seen that a high-level committee was formed under…

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  • Difference Between Hindu And Muslim Communalism

    Ram temple on its site whereas the Muslim communalists demanded the restoration of the mosque to the Muslims. The secular and nationalist-minded groups tried to control the situation. Lok Sabha Elections and Role of BJP By the late 1980s the issue started showing its impact on politics. In 1989, the VHP keeping in view the upcoming Lok Sabha elections organized a mass movement to start the construction of Ram temple at the site where the Babri Masjid stood. Hence, the Lok Sabha elections took…

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  • Difference Between Religion And Secularism

    linguistic basis in the year 1956 and continue with the latest creation of Telangana state in the yaer 2013 . Measures taken by the government to Combat Communalism: To combat communalism Indian government try to frame legal framework and make some efforts in this direction a bill named Protection against communal violence was first introduced in Rajya Sabha in 2005 and subsequently referred to the Department—related Parliamentary Standing Committee on Home Affairs. The…

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  • Gujarat Science City Case Study

    Advani 2 IMAX 3D Theatre 23-Oct-2002 Shri L.K. Advani 3 Musical Fountain 23-Sep-2004 Shri L.K. Advani 4 Hal of Space and Science 04-May-2008 Shri L.K. Advani 5 Life Science Park 28-Sep-2012 Executive Director 6 Planet Earth 06-Dec-2012 Executive Director The Grand Inaugural and Dedication Ceremony of the ‘Hall of Space’ and Hall of Science’ of Gujarat Science City was held on 4 May 2008. It was graced by Shri L.K. Advani, Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha and Shri Narendra Modi, Chief Minister…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Prostitution In India

    immoral for the society. And according to feminist point of view, this is a profession of degradation of female, as they are being raped, robbed, and beaten. Many may differ a little with each other, but they have a same opinion that prostitution spreads STDs. And so in respect to this point, these firmly believe that prostitution should be banned or remain illegal in the society. Many other laws should be built to protect the workers in this profession. And the thought behind legalizing…

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