Andrew Carnegie

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  • Argumentative Essay On Andrew Carnegie

    something we can use as an example to repeat or not to repeat so we do not make the same mistakes again. That is the best thing about history, because we can grow from the past in order to make for a better tomorrow, something I believe Andrew Carnegie did. Although Andrew Carnegie was a very controversial influence in this time period, there are always several sides to every story. Andrew Carnegie was a very wealthy and influential man to many people during this time period, while on the other hand he was called a robber baron, which suggested he only did what he did to treat himself, not others (Hewitt and Lawson 493). Andrew Carnegie, “eventually…

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  • Why Is Andrew Carnegie Important

    Andrew Carnegie was a Scottish-born American industrialist who made millions in the steel industry and later in his life became a “major philanthropist” ( Carnegie was one of the leading figures of industry of America during the 1800s turning him from a poor young boy to one of the richest and most powerful tycoon of his time. As he aged, he sold his company to one of his competitors and turned into a millionaire, probably the richest man of his age. Despite of the hardships he had…

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  • Andrew Carnegie Conclusion

    Andrew Carnegie was one of the best inventors who ever lived. He created one of the biggest steel companies in the world and he found new ways to produce steel in quicker ways. According to Alvin Harlow, he started off living in Scotland and he had a rough home life.(pg. 2) They didn’t have a lot of money and the living conditions were not good. Although Andrew had little formal education, he grew up in a family that believed in book and learning so he was getting more experience at home than…

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  • The Industrialization Of Andrew Carnegie And The Industrial Revolution

    railroads, and technology. The mineral deposits in the land as well as the presence of business visionaries like Andrew Carnegie were equally important in the overarching success of the American Industrial Revolution. Andrew Carnegie’s ability to vertically and horizontally integrate his businesses made him indispensable in the narrative of American industrialization. In his historical biography, Andrew Carnegie and the Rise of Big Business, Andrew Livesay recognizes that without Andrew…

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  • Essay On Andrew Carnegie A Hero

    Was Andrew Carnegie a Hero? Andrew Carnegie was a man who started off as a poor immigrant sailing into America, he was ambitious and made his way up into the American dream. He was twelve years old when he started working 12-hour days for his family as a result he was earning $1.20 a week. He was a successful man in business, he worked in his business of steel after having his boss’s job and adopting Bessemer's process and built steel mill in America. Carnegie died in 1919, but was Andrew…

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  • Andrew Carnegie A Robber Baron Analysis

    Andrew Carnegie was a “robber baron”, in his personal relationships and the way he treated his workers, who did beneficial things under the guise of being a “captain of industry” to try to overshadow the awful things he did. He was conflicted his entire life between the two great influences of his childhood. His father and grandmother represented the true ideals of democracy, of the rights of the people while his mother was materialistic and determined to reach the top economically through…

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  • Andrew Carnegie, Andrew Rockefeller, And J. P. Morgan And The Gilded Age

    The Gilded Age was a time period in American history when the economy exploded with railroads and big businesses with the help of: Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller, and J.P. Morgan. These three were some powerful individuals that helped the economy shoot up. Carnegie helped with steel, Rockefeller with oil, and Morgan with banking. They all were captains of industry in their own way and they all played a big role in revolutionizing the way things currently function. Although some of their…

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  • Was Andrew Carnegie A Hero Or Villain Essay

    Noteworthy. Andrew Carnegie managed to overtake the business world by storm. During the Gilded Age, were the economy grew and the rich flourished, he managed to develop wealth and prosper from steel. Despite his actions being genius, they were far from heroic. He should be considered an eminent business man. Andrew Carnegie, although not a heroic figure, is a legend to the business world due to his innovative pioneering, business techniques, and leadership expertise. Furthermore, Andrew…

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  • Why Is Andrew Carnegie A Hero

    Andrew Carnegie is a hero because he helped the community a lot. Although he didn’t treat his workers as good as possible, he donated back to the community a lot and produced a lot of steel to better the world. In the year of 1889 Andrew Carnegie owned Carnegie Steel Corporation, the largest of its kind in the world. Instead of buying iron he bought the iron mines. Instead of paying someone to ship the iron to his factory, he bought the boat. Andrew reduced the cost of steel which was a big…

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  • Andrew Carnegie: Heroes Of The Gilded Age

    Reading about Andrew Carnegie I got to learn more about the Gilded Age as well as the American Society during the time. Coming from a small house in Scotland to making 23 million dollars a year, Carnegie made the American dream a reality. Growing the steel industry to being bigger than any other company, Carnegie provided jobs and built foundations off his industry. Doing this Carnegie believed in Social Darwinism and felt that the working class was meant to stay poor. Underpaying his workers…

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