Essay On Andrew Carnegie A Hero

Was Andrew Carnegie a Hero?
Andrew Carnegie was a man who started off as a poor immigrant sailing into America, he was ambitious and made his way up into the American dream. He was twelve years old when he started working 12-hour days for his family as a result he was earning $1.20 a week. He was a successful man in business, he worked in his business of steel after having his boss’s job and adopting Bessemer's process and built steel mill in America. Carnegie died in 1919, but was Andrew Carnegie a hero? A hero can consist of having the concern for others, intelligence and someone who is self-made. Andrew Carnegie was a hero in three areas of his life: business, socially influential, and he was wealthy. The first area in which Andrew Carnegie was a hero he was self made in business. Andrews family made a tough decision to move to America from Scotland because of the tough life they had in Scotland. He started as an immigrant and worked his way up to becoming successful. “ His family needed $7.50 a week to make ends meet, and to earn even that small amount wasn’t easy”(DBQ 2008) along with trying to help his family Carnegie got a job at a
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Carnegie motivated the rich to try and donate before they had deceased. “ if a man dies rich he dies in disgrace. The money should be invested or donated to charity”(doc.8). Carnegie believed that the rich should give of their money to other that need it. He emphasizes that they shouldn’t let their money go to waste as it would be a disgrace to make it a waste. Although he came to America as a poor immigrant he grew as a financially successful person which inspired others to work as hard as well as donate to organizations and those who need it. Restating that he was a hero for the reason that he was concerned and wanted to motivate other to not the their money go to waste as it would be selfish to let that opportunity of helping

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