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  • Threat Patterns

    Summary Antisocial activities, such as aggression, psychoticism, and the tendency to rape and murder, is a severe problem in society. Although researchers still relate this activity to one’s personality and environmental factors, geneticists are taking a closer look at the correlation between these types of behaviors and the length of AR-CAG repeat lengths in males. From a geneticist view, it is hypothesized that the shorter the CAG repeat length, the more AR activity there will be. The androgen receptor, AR, is activated by testosterone or dihydrotestosterone. These hormones control the development of male characteristics. Higher levels of testosterone have been linked to aggressive behavior in numerous studies. The length of the CAG repeat…

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  • Why Professional Athletes Use Steroids

    Tetrahydrogestrinone is an artificial anabolic steroid used by many athletes to increase their performance (“Fitness”). A disease called steroid myopathy is usually an insidious disease process which causes weakness mostly to the proximal muscles of the upper and lower limbs and to the neck flexors of your body. When you have an excess amount of endogenous or exogenous corticosteroids is said to cause the condition. An excess of exogenous corticosteroid in the body can result from a treatment…

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  • Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome

    Analysis of Hines et al 2003 Study on CAIS Complete Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome is a disorder that comes from defects in the androgen receptor gene (Hines, et al 2003). This causes the external genitalia to be female at birth with underdeveloped internal genitalia (Hines, Ahmed, Hughes 93). Since the genitalia are female appear female, most people with this disorder are pronounce female at birth and are thus raised as females. In fact, people with this disorder are more feminine at puberty…

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  • The Effects Of Steroids On The Human Body

    steroids that are commonly used by athletes are Androstenedione, Primoblan, Tetrahydrogestrinone, and many others. Anabolic-androgenic steroids are “artificial or synthetic drugs that mimic the effects of testosterone, the male sex hormone” (Franci). They are used to help rebuild tissues that have been damaged by serious injuries, illnesses, and infections causing the tissue to become very weak. A study showed that, “anabolic steroids can prevent musculotendinous degeneration during retraction…

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  • Essay On Promiscuity

    2:D 4:D , research about unfaithfulness promiscuity and prostate cancer, Study on promiscuity and androgens, Can you predict promiscuity by looking at fingers? Discussion and a conclusion Key words , androgens, digit ratio 2:D 4:D Describing digit ratio 2:D 4:D In July 1930 a man by the name of Ruggles George conducted a study about measuring the index fingers and ring fingers of 620 participants 402 were males and 218…

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  • Benefits Of Bodybuilding Essay

    Bodybuilding Natural Vs Steroids With bodybuilding, as popular and as mainstream as it has now become, unfortunately there is a certain stigma attached to it that simply will not go away, and that stigma in question is the use of anabolic steroids, hormones, and various other illegal, and potentially harmful compounds. As dedicated to bodybuilding as an individual may be, most members of the general public will take one look at a muscular guy and immediately brand him as being a steroid user.…

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  • Should Steroids Be Allowed In Sports Essay

    Jake Brown English 3 3rd Period 19 March 2018 Should Steroids be allowed in Sports In professional sports, athletes take steroids to get stronger and obtain more muscle mass. Most take them for an unfair advantage or to gain an edge on the competition. Men and women all across the world take them daily. The very first use of steroids has been dated back to Ancient Greece. The athletes in the Greek Olympic Games consumed large amounts of testicles from sheep and bulls. The testicles increased…

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  • Performance Enhancing Drugs In Sports Essay

    Performance enhancing drugs in sports should not be tolerated and should be banned. The taking of these Performance Enhancing Drugs just isn't fair, we’re encouraging youth (teens) to take these drugs and it can have dramatic health risks weather if it is short or long term damage. Performance Enhancing Drugs in sports (Mainly steroids) give the consumer an unfair advantage on rivals/Competitors. It really isn't fair if one athlete who has the financial means to buy these products has an…

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  • Adipokinetic Hormone Lab Report

    Testosterone is a type of Androgen that is the primary hormone in males.1 It is a type of steroid hormone that stimulates the development of sexual characteristics.2 Testosterone is produced in the male testes by the Leydig cells as well as in the adrenal glands.1,3 Production of this hormone is stimulated by LH, or Luteinizing hormone, which is a type of gonadotropin secreted by the pituitary gland involved in the reproductive system.4 This is what causes testosterone production by the…

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  • Essay On Performance Enhancing Drugs

    Athletes and Performance- Enhancing Drugs Performance- enhancing drugs are pharmaceutical products or illegal drugs that are used by sports people to gain a competitive advantage over those who do not use them. Performance enhancing drugs commonly used include anabolic androgenic steroids, testosterone, human growth hormone, erythropoietin and other androgens (Grace & Baker, 2012). These drugs for example anabolic androgenic steroids imitate the activity of natural testosterone and lead to fast…

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