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  • The Epidemic Of Pregnancy

    PREGNANCY In the society that we live in today the term “Pregnancy” tends to scare at a lot of people no matter the age, race or sexuality. Pregnancy for some can be a scary experience if you are not mentally and financially prepared for the life long journey of parenting. The statistics of pregnancy will always change from year to year, from with the main source being the CDC (Center of disease control and Prevention state “Annual number of miscarriages is 600,000. The percent of women who smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol while pregnant combined is a whopping 26.6 %. Annual number of babies born to teenage mothers are 468,000, Mothers without adequate prenatal care is 7.6%. This is just to name a couple of facts that were…

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  • Pregnancy In Prison

    Pregnancy in Prison and The Effect of the Prison Environment Every single day in America there are more than 205,000 women incarcerated in prisons and local jails. A study by Maruschak, L. (2008) shows that out of those 205,000, approximately 1 in 25 women (in state prisons) and 1 in 33 (in federal prison) are pregnant when admitted to prison. The sudden increase of female offenders in prisons and jails has sparked conversation surrounding the medical treatment required and the policies that…

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  • Unintended Pregnancy

    Unintended pregnancies happen almost every-time. Forcing a pregnant women to keep a child is very un-american like just because of the fact the women has no choice or say. An impregnated women may not have the responsibilities to take care of a child thus, leading the child to set bad examples in school or around other children.Abortion is a topic that requires people to look at it both from a negative and a positive aspect. There is no edge, who has the better side, etc. Pro-life is keeping a…

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  • Teen Pregnancy

    According to the Mayo Clinic, “the most common complications for pregnant teens – especially those younger than age fifteen and those who don’t receive prenatal care – include a low level of iron in the blood (anemia), high blood pressure, and preterm labor” (Mayo Clinic Staff). All of these complications can have a very negative impact on the mother, her pregnancy, and her child. Anemia during pregnancy can cause a woman to go into preterm labor, suffer from postpartum depression, and possibly…

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  • Compare And Contrast The Stages Of Teenage Pregnancy And Early Pregnancy

    The pregnancy is dated from the first day of a mothers last period. So in the first few weeks of the pregnancy, the mothers body will prepare for ovulation as it normally would. Meaning the mother isn 't actually pregnant in these first few weeks. After roughly two weeks after the start of the mothers last period, she will ovulate. Three weeks from the last period the fertilised egg will move through the fallopian tube and towards the womb. The egg, which to begin with is a singular cell, will…

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  • Teen Pregnancy Prevention

    Teen Pregnancy Prevention In the United States of America there are about 820,000 teen pregnancies a year. I believe that this problem can be prevented by abstinence and responsibility. Teen pregnancy is when a female under the age of 20 becomes pregnant. There can be many dangers and problems to a teen pregnancy. Although over fifty percent of teens are sexually active there are many preventives to causing pregnancy. Personally I disagree with teen pregnancy, but there are some people who do…

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  • Smoking During Pregnancy

    Every year over one thousand babies die because expectant mothers smoke during their pregnancy, resulting in a fatality. The effects of smoking during pregnancy on newborns can be harmful to babies when they are born, and even be deadly. Some expectant mothers smoke because they are addicted to nicotine or due to stress, but no matter the reason an unborn baby is still being potentially harmed. Some of the most known birth defects in newborns, from mothers smoking, are premature birth,…

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  • Exercising During Pregnancy

    experiences somebody could go through. If one of my close friends got pregnant tomorrow, I would want to make sure that they had all the information they needed about having a healthy pregnancy. Some of the factors I would definitely discuss would be the benefits of exercising and a healthy diet while also explaining about the harmful components of college such as drugs, tobacco use and alcohol. Simple changes, such as exercising and having a good diet during pregnancy are just some of the ways…

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  • Unintended Pregnancy Essay

    Unintended pregnancy is a problem that has faced generations of young people. It is estimated that 750,000 young girls from the ages of 15-19 get pregnant each year. These statistics fall heaviest among young women of African American or Hispanic descent.(Johnson, Nshom, Nye & Cohall, 2009). This is a very large problem that faces this nation’s young women. In many cases pregnant teens will not finish school and in turn don’t bring home a great salary which can lead to depression and anxiety.…

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  • Cocaine And Pregnancy Essay

    The full extent of the effects of cocaine use during pregnancy are not known. This is partially due to the fact that mothers are not usually truthful about drug use during pregnancy. Another issue is the fact that cocaine quickly leaves the body making it harder to detect use via urine drug test. It is also difficult to determine the effects of cocaine use during pregnancy, is that cocaine is rarely used exclusively. It is commonly accompanied with alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and/or other…

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