Prenuptial agreement

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  • Simone V. Simone's Case: The Uniform Prenuptial Agreement Act

    The Uniform Prenuptial Agreement Act provides that a premarital agreement is not enforceable if the party against whom enforcement is sought proves that: (1) That party did not execute the agreement voluntarily; or (2) The agreement was unconscionable when it was executed and, before execution of the agreement, that party: (i) Was not provided a fair and reasonable disclosure of the property or financial obligations of the other party; (ii) Did not voluntarily and expressly waive, in writing, any right to disclosure of the property or financial obligations of the other party beyond the disclosure provided; and (iii) Did not have, or reasonably could not have had, an adequate knowledge of the property or financial obligations of the other party.…

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  • Prenuptial Agreements Pros And Cons

    A prenuptial agreement also known as antenuptial and premarital agreement is a legally binding contract entered by a couple before marriage for the purpose of protecting the division of property and assets in the event of a divorce. Each States in the US is govern by its own prenuptial rules. Both parties should have ample time to review and sign the prenuptial agreement at least four months before the wedding, for obvious reason being, that the couple will focus on the contract rather than to…

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  • Matrimonial Causes Act 1973 Case Study

    This is seen in the case of M v M, where a prenuptial agreement between the parties was existing; however this reduced the wife’s final award. The courts applied the principle used in K v K where the courts “set out pertinent factors which were necessary to determine whether the agreement was binding or influential”. Having considered the questions, the courts held the wife’s entitlement to a lump sum of £125,000. The agreement had been settled for a lump sum of “£100,000 within 5 years of…

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  • The FITD Technique: The Foot In The Door

    The topic that I am analyzing is known as the foot in the door (FITD) technique. The FITD technique is defined as getting someone to agree to a small favor in hopes that the participant feels helped and/or cared for; the moment the initial favor is fulfilled, the person follows up by asking for an even bigger request. Two researchers in 1966 named Freedman & Fraser discovered the FITD technique. From their research, they concluded that it is one of the most effective compliance techniques. Also,…

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  • Pinnacle Manufacturing Company Case Study

    II. Create a list of questions for our client; Before I began a Due Diligence attack plan, I want to know background information about our client, the Purchaser. Some questions would be: is Purchaser a larger company with a parent company or if this a one time commercial transaction, what is background of the Agreement, was this Agreement a long drawn out agreement or relatively easily agreed upon with the Seller, and what is the Purchaser’s tolerance for risk. Further, how did Purchaser find…

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  • Power Enhancement Agreement Case Analysis

    On May 25, 2016, the Manager met with YCWA General Manager Curt Aikens to discuss finalizing the Power Enhancement Agreement. Consistent with the previous meeting with the YCWA POD Committee, the Agency does not wish to explore the splitting of Gross Revenue and is citing several factors as the cause. The first is the 1990 Agreement that created the groundwork for the 2016 Agreement. The second, and perhaps most critical to each of our interests, is the growing prospect of other entities…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Bartels And Bartel

    a strong likeness. Edelman and Bartels both use rhetoric specifically designed to persuade agreement and sympathy out of the opposite sex. The nature of the viewpoints that each author shares…

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  • I Believe Speech: Knowing That You Know

    I Believe Speech: Knowing that you know, that you know Knowing that you know, that you know, is a mouthful agreed but what is it that I mean when I say that? You have to break it down one by one. So everyone agrees that you are sitting here in a college classroom listening to me speak? So if you say yes to that? Then essentially everyone is agreeing that you know this to be true. That is the “first knowing”. Now how do you know that to be true? Well break it down, how do you know…

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  • Strength And Weakness Of Consent In International Law Making

    negotiations until an agreement is reached, therefore providing a system where states can ensure that their interests and welfare are protected. Critically, if a state is not a participating party in a lawmaking process, its state interests will be unprotected. This is seen in OPEC where as an overall major influence in global oil price, member states will want the price to be at a profiting level, which can negatively affect the rest of the world. Whilst the role played by consent in…

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  • Explain The Four Basic Steps To Transfer Estates In Land

    Tutorial 5: “Conveyancing” Conveyancing is the process of moving the legal ownership of property or land from one person to another. It is stated in S.23 that the legal owners of the land have absolute power, subject to any restrictions. In explaining the procedures needed to transfer estates in land, it is helpful to set out the four basic steps to convey a property, which is negotiation and agreement, formation of contract and exchange of contracts, transfer or conveyance of the Legal Estate…

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