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  • Hazardous Food Research Paper

    Preservatives Ascorbic acid is a form of vitamin C and is used as an antioxidant preservative. Ascorbic acid and its salt such as calcium ascorbate are added to food to slow down the oxidation reaction, which, for example, causes browning of newly-cut apples. Increased acidity caused by the addition of vitamin C addition, helps to prevent microbial growth and therefore preserves the freshness of the product. Provided there is good manufacturing practice, the amount of ascorbic acid that can be added to food is unrestricted. Citric acid and its usage as food preservative is similar to that of ascorbic acid. Beside enhancing flavor and adding acidity to adverse microbial growth, it can also serve as an emulsifying agent. These two compounds can be found in natural foods such as fruits and vegetables; however, since they are unstable if exposed to high heat, these two chemicals are often added even though the cooked filling is made from fruits that already contain these substances. There is no restricted amount of citric acid…

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  • Importance Of Food Preservatives

    increased the need of extending shelf life of foods. Different natural and chemical substances called food preservatives are being used to increase the shelf life of food which prevents microbial growth and deterioration of food. Besides the usefulness of food preservatives these preservatives also have several negative effects on human health. Since the past century the production and consumption of processed food has increased tremendously. Almost every processed…

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  • Food Preservatives In Food

    require for survival. Humans consume a notable amount of food on a daily basis to keep the body active, to supply energy for everyday activities and to satisfy cravings, but does men know what are put in their food? Have you ever wondered how food stay on supermarket shelves for a very long period of time without getting rotten? The answer to that is food preservatives. Food preservatives are added to food for many reasons including the preservation of food, to improve or maintain appearance, to…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Food Preservatives

    ingredients you wouldn’t expect? Do you wonder how food lasts so long? Both of these are done through food additives. They add nutrition, preserve the product, maintain consistency, and retain flavor and color. But they are also mostly artificial. Before the 1800’s, people would mostly grow and process their food by themselves. It wasn’t until after the civil war that the majority of people started working in factories and needed food grown and processed elsewhere. This led to food needing to…

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  • Definition Essay: The Importance Of Convenience Food

    for long term storage means it contains a ton of preservatives. I think I should talk a little bit about preservatives because we all know what they are, but we have not been taught properly exactly what they do to our bodies. Preservatives can have some pretty abominable effects on the body such as causing heart damage, causing cancer, breathing difficulties, behavioral changes, etc. Convenience foods would not be able to survive transit from the factory to the grocery store and into our homes…

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  • Love In Toni Morrison's Beloved

    emotional needs while fatherhood fulfills the physical needs. However, in Morrison’s mother centered family, motherhood utilizes preservative love (O’Reilly 123). Eva does not concern herself with playing with her children because she cares about preserving them, allowing them to live. While Hannah worries about the emotional aspect of love, Eva fulfills the practical aspect of love. In Sula, Morrison highlights maternal preservative love that enables children to love when economic means prove…

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  • Explain Why The Processed Food Is Bad For You By Michael Hobbes

    The reality of america’s obesity problem is processed food. Processed food is filled with fats, sugars, and preservatives all things that are clinically bad for health. A hamburger can be made with 200 calories easily using lean beef and grilling it, but when companies use salt to preserve it and add fats and sugars to improve taste it 's hard to do that. Michael Hobbes writes a good article, “Why Is Processed Food So Bad for You?” that highlights key points showing what processed food is doing…

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  • What Is E-Number Food Additives?

    (Gates, 2010) The legislation requires the food to be labeled in the list of ingredients, declare its contents either in mass or volume, functions, followed by their name or E number and must pass the safety tests conducted by highly recognized agency if they had fulfill the criteria laid down in regulation. The majority of food additives appear to be safe. There is no doubt that food additives are important and had played an important role in our lives. The commonly used food additives are…

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  • Our Food Is Killing Us Research Paper

    these quick meals could cause long term health problems. Pathogens are not killing us, but processed foods are. These processed foods can cause a plethora of health issues including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, blood clots, clogged arteries, heart attacks, seizures, allergic reactions, obesity, headaches and asthma. All these factors contribute to a decreased life expectancy, high medical bills, and a complicated life. To ensure a healthy future, the government must provide better…

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  • Nutrition In America Essay

    Because lets face it not every American household isn’t able to provide the correct nutrition due to their financial income. So what this leads people to do is run down to the nearest McDonalds or any other fast food restaurant where one can get and enormous amount of food for cheap but is generally greasy and full of preservatives. Many Americans are also lazy and do not enjoy cooking, this leads people to go out to eat meals. If one should be able to eat out everyday, instead they could spend…

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