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  • Biography Of Corazon Aquino

    Corazon Aquino was open to growth in the various ways as she worked to find solutions to the conflicts in the Philippines. Through her understanding that influence sometimes depends upon being the one in charge and at other times working effectively within a group, she demonstrated an ability to influence others in a way that promoted justice. Aquino used nonviolence to stand up against injustices and made many new reforms according to the needs of the people. Unlike the Philippine’s president before Aquino, she promoted her message through more peaceful ways of protest. Aquino called for acts of civil disobedience, organized strikes, and boycotts when Marcos won the election in 1986. Aquino eradicated the government’s power to imprison people…

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  • Did Rizal Supported The 1896 Philippine Revolution Of Bonifacio Case Study

    1. Did Rizal supported the 1896 Philippine Revolution of bonifacio? Why or why not? - I don’t think he did. If I were to tell based on what I understand in his point of view, he don’t want Filipinos to revolt yet, because he knew that this will not succeed. But on the other hand, I think that he supported it on his own ways. He wanted Filipinos to be free, one of the reason why he build the group “La liga Filipina, it’s because he wanted too, to revolt but I think he is still waiting for the…

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  • The Role Of US Military In Strategic Communication

    visual information, and defense support to public diplomacy. The PECOM and especially the case of Philippines, where they actively engage with Philippine’s military and civilians should be focused maintaining support of the relevant population to the US mission and the U.S.-Philippines Mutual Defense Treaty. Therefore, an effective IO based on synchronization of important themes, messages, images, and activities with other nonlethal and lethal operations to inform and influence Pippin 's in…

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  • Case Study: The Republic Of The Philippines

    Introduction The Republic of The Philippines is a Presidential Republic located in Southeast Asia. The Philippines consists of a group of over 7,100 islands, which is an area slightly larger than the state of Arizona (Factbook, 2010). With an estimated population of just more than 100 million people, The Philippines is very diverse in ethnic groups, languages and religions. The nation is also very rich in natural resources to include major deposits of copper, chromium, gold as well as producing…

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  • William Mckinley's The Acquisition Of The Philippines

    The primary source by William McKinley, The Acquisition of the Philippines, were written instructions. The twenty fifth president of the United States wrote these instructions on August 12, 1898, with a purpose. McKinley’s words were meant to reach the American peace negotiators that were to be convening in Paris with Spanish commissioners. Hence, his basic purpose behind this text was to create lasting peace between the nations involved. However, this reasoning only skims the surface of…

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  • Miriam Defensor Santiago Case Study

    one of the 100 Most Powerful Women in the World. In addition, she brought honor to the Philippines in 2012 by being the first Filipina and the first Asian from a developing country, to be chosen in the United Nations as a judge of the International Criminal Court. Eventually, she resigned from this position because of her suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome which was later on diagnosed…

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  • World War I: Was American Intervention Overseas Justified?

    “Property can be paid for; the lives of peaceful and innocent people cannot be.” (Document 3). These were the words from President Woodrow Wilson to Congress requesting a declaration of war against Germany. During the beginning of World War I, German submarine warfare sunk the ships of any nation, neutral or not, killing numerous amounts of people. Among these people were one hundred and twenty-eight Americans who were, up until this point, neutral to the war. I believe that American…

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  • Philippines Culture Analysis

    Analysis of the Republic of the Philippines In the South West Pacific, lie a small group of islands known as the Philippines. It is a country that has been molded by the influence of many other cultures, leaving it with a rich diversity of values and beliefs spreading throughout all the islands. The location and terrain of this country have also greatly affected how the society has evolved. In order to have a better understanding of this country’s culture, all aspects must be examined in order…

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  • Spanish American Participation Case Study

    rushed to obtain the maximum amount of land possible. Two present day countries President McKinley involved himself in were Cuba and the Philippines. Prior to the Spanish-American war the Spanish controlled both of these countries. Once the United States won the war, they faced the decision of what to do with these newly acquired lands. First, they decided Cuba could have their freedom on the condition that they signed the Teller Amendment. This Amendment stated: the U.S. could intervene and…

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  • President Aguinaldo Case Study

    It has come to President Mckinley and my attention that Mr. Aguinaldo wishes to make the American people feel for his case of Filipino sovereignty. Moreover, Mr. Aguinaldo’s case was published in the North American Review, of which you are the editor. Therefore Mr.Kurial, it is the intention of the President to address Mr. Aguinaldo 's case and have it published to the American people. First, I would like to address Mr. Aguinaldo’s concerns that he indicated in his case. It is crucial for…

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