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  • Eulogy For President

    Donald is the one who came out of nowhere, announcing his campaign for presidency, before even choosing with which party he would be campaigning for. From that moment on I haven’t personally spoken to Trump, and I refused to meet him anywhere outside of events for the presidential campaign. If he was someone who wanted to betray the trust of a friend, and to take away, possibly, their last chance to become the president, then I was going to let him be that person on his own. The thing that I wasn’t expecting, after experiencing Donald’s extreme popularity during the beginning of the elections, was for me to win by a ‘landslide’, as they put it. Now, because he was spurned by all of America, Donald was expecting me to treat him the way that I used to, with warmth and kindness. Little did he know that, by betraying both Bill and I in such a way, he was permanently losing our friendship, and even causing Bill to abhor him. Bill believed that I should also hate Donald, maybe even more than he currently did, but I wasn’t really the type of person to feel that way. Sure, I was angry with him for not…

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  • The President: The Power Of A Hierarchial President

    Within the media one of the stories that is told is the president holding too much power. The president has the power to do things that past presidents would never dream of. Making calls, and going about their agenda right under congress, and the judiciary branch. In this paper, we will examine some of the ways that the president has become more of a monarchial president, and look at some examples of the power the president has slowly gained. One of the first times the President went above his…

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  • President Obama The Worst President

    President Barrack Obama was voted into office in 2008 and reelected in 2012. Coming into office President Obama made a lot of promises and gave hope to many Americans who were suffering during the time of President Bush. Through both of his terms he tried his hardest to keep all of the promises he made. He implemented laws and policies to help relieve people in the workforce of their long work hours through Obama care and he tried to raise the government budget by making a health care reform.…

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  • Duties Of A President Essay

    Congress is known to be powerful, but the face of the government is the President of the United States. However, the president roles of government are the commander-in-chief, head of state and leader of a political but one takes precedence over the other. The presidents are held to high standards, and the media do not help. In Article 2, it tells you what are the requirement for to become a President and what are the duties of the President. The founding father did not want a king; they wanted…

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  • Advantages Of Being A President

    stressful job that has many advantages, but also many obstacles associated to it. The president has a majority of personal responsibilities to look over, also while trying to take into account the wishes and needs of the citizens under his jurisdiction. There is a large balancing act associated with the president, by trying to appease everyone. Everyone meaning the senate, the congress, foreign countries, and ultimately the people. These obstacles are due to what…

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  • Essay On Becoming President

    Being president of the United States is a very public job and effects many different people. Becoming president is a very difficult task, and there is no such thing as the perfect candidate. The presidency is a very prestigious role in this great nation. Having such a public role in government can be a good thing, but it can be very dangerous. There are many factors that shape the perceptions of the presidency like each candidate’s views on trivial topics, a candidate’s economic plan, and a…

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  • Iran President Vs Iranian President

    Every American citizen can vote above the age of eighteen. The people can only elect the electoral college, not the President itself. Every state has as much electors as the number of its representations and senators together. Not everybody can become the President of the United States or the vice-president. He has to be a natural born citizen, naturalized people can never fill this post. The candidates have to be at least thirty-five years old, and have to live in the United States since at…

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  • The Power Of President: The President Of The United States

    the President of the United States. The President to the American people is someone who represents the country and has America’s best interest in mind. The presidents are role models, people who we aspire to be like. The presidency began with the intention of being solely the executor of laws passed by Congress. Through time the office of the president has become more than a mere executor of laws. The power of the office of the president has expanded gradually through domestic policies, wartime…

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  • President Characteristics

    option. There are many qualifications for president. Some are written into law and others have simply have just been seen in a majority or past presidents and are considered implied qualifications. In a presidential election people must consider the many roles of the president, both formal and informal, and choose someone most qualified for the job. When deciding who should be elected, between Donald…

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  • A Great President

    The President of the United States is arguably the most respected and esteemed official in the world. Throughout the course of history the United States has had many great presidents and many not so great presidents. Extraordinary presidents are separated by certain qualities and characteristics. A great president possesses three qualities: leadership, good character, and patience. Leadership is directly defined as the action of leading a group but in the President of the United States this…

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