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  • Lewandowski Public Relations

    The unique element of public relations writing is that it is the attempt to establish positive relations between an organization and its various publics. Other forms of writing, such as journalism, documentaries and fiction are not meant to leave the public with a positive image. While, they can have a positive effect they are used to tell stories, to express one’s opinion and to tell one-side of a story. Writing for public relations focuses on using a written platform to communicate a message. Three activities the class did this semester to showcase public relations writing were when we wrote an issue statement for the allegations surrounding Corey Lewandowski, when we wrote press releases about an upcoming event happening for the student…

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  • Telos Corporation Executive Summary

    1 Our Understanding Telos Corporation (Telos) protects some of our country’s most security-conscious agencies and has established an excellent reputation. However, the company is not well known outside of government circles. Telos security solutions can benefit businesses as well as government agencies. As you know, cyber security breaches have had a profound impact on commerce and infrastructure. The topic is receiving ongoing media coverage: • Nearly 1 million new malware threats are…

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  • Tariq Ba Odah Injustice

    It should immediately release him, with all necessary protections. They need to ensure that he receives the medical treatment and other care he requires. On August, 14, 2015 the US department of justice filed its opposition to the petition. The brief written about the case of Tariq Ba Odah it says that his lawyers assert that he “is visibly suffering from the devastating effects of the severe malnutrition and it’s at a serious risk.” It also seeks a judicial order requiring the government to…

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  • Tynisha Soares Research Paper

    the Japanese Album Chart and sold 600,000 copies in Japan. Her first album single song Shatter'd, reached number 4 on the Billboard's Japan Hot 100 and her second album "The 5th Element" was release in August 2010 in Japan. 1999-2002:The Gyrlz Group society and record label During this, Tynisha met with Scott Ross, a former member of the platinum hip hop group of the Marky Mark and the funny Bunch and agree to assistant her singing career. Also, Tynisha coached her after her school acting as her…

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  • Twilight Zone Summary In English

    captures the audiences’ attention. Thus, when writing any story—script, journal article, press release, etc.—the opening sentence should immediately gain the attention of the reader. When looking at the assignments for this unit, initially, I did not know what a press release was or how to construct it; however, after viewing and reading the provided materials on fashioning a press release, I believe, I gained a better understanding of the concept and a strong grasp on writing one. From…

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  • Novopay Case Study

    managed and took too long” (Jack & Wevers, 2013, pp. 3, 9). Both the Ministry of Education and Talent2 admit their faults, saying that “the failure to involve users appropriately was a key weakness” and that “The Ministry [of Education] was negotiating on behalf of the users in the schools sector without an appreciation of all their requirements” (Jack & Wevers, 2013, p. 9). Timeframe As with any project, a timeframe needs to be discussed, and milestones established. With Novopay, delays…

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  • The Great Gatsby Poster Analysis

    In today’s society, most people enjoy going out to see a good movie or two. Before we do so we watch trailers and look at movie posters to see what these movies will be about. Movie posters are a good way to take a quick glance to capture the basis of a film before we pay to see it. Over the years we have progressively gotten better at capturing a movie through a single poster. In 1974, a very famous movie in the genre of drama and romance was release to the public. This movie is known as The…

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  • Analysis Of Whistleblowing And Rational Loyalty

    Metaethics is the ethical value in which each individual has to determine for themselves what is right and what is wrong for each situation. For example, the idea to release the fact that a high ranking official with very sensitive information was using this information on a private non-secured (or at least not as secured as government regulated computers are) might have seen right to the individual at the time but could prove to be wrong in the eyes of society. Whistleblowers in general face…

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  • Judge Underhill Analysis

    law to let an inmate petition his or her sentencing court for a lesser amount of time spent in prison for good behavior and rehabilitation. This claim seemed very questionable because it is very easy for someone to take advantage of the system by doing this. It also seemed too easy; good behavior and promised reform is wonderful, but that person would have to prove him or herself more. After all, that person was put in prison for a reason. Underhill also listed specific proposals for those of…

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  • Electric Funeral Chuck Klosterman Analysis

    even mean? Does one write down the crowd and then eventually, magically, acquire all of their names and information somehow? Scientology is one kooky cookie. Nonetheless, the public wouldn’t know this insane information if it wasn’t uploaded on WikiLeaks as the church is very secretive. This information is a breach of privacy, but that secret wasn’t really necessary to be kept (freaky how it’s possible the same could be said about the government). If one is so embarrassed about what their…

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