President pro tempore of the United States Senate

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  • Legislative Branch Research Paper

    Society without laws would be absolutely chaos. Everyone would run wild with no control from anyone. This is where the Legislative Branch of the United States government comes in. The power to make laws is given to the congress, which also represents the legislative branch of government. There are a few ways that the legislative branch checks on the other two branches of government. The best example of this is how the legislative branch has the power and authority to investigate national issues brought on by the executive and judicial branches of government, they are allowed to do this by using the checks and balance system. Let’s say the president veto’s a bill, the legislative branch can come in and override the president’s…

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  • Three Branches

    branches of the United States government; legislative, executive, and judicial. They all have a way of “checking” each other, and making sure one doesn’t become more powerful than the other. All three have different roles in government, and these roles help run the US Government. The legislative branch of government has the power to make the laws. They also check the executive and judicial branch. They check the executive branch in many different ways. They may override vetoes made by the…

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  • The Three Branches

    the United States system of governing, each with tasks delegated to it designed to improve the country. It is important for every citizen – not just students - to understand the Three Branches. To begin with, it is vital to understand the Legislative Branch. The purpose of this branch affects the lives of American citizens every day. The utmost important duty of the Legislative Branch is to make laws. Without this Branch, our normal way of life would be chaos. Each law…

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  • 3 Branches Of Government Essay

    power. In the Constitution it states that the government to separated into three different parts. Each branch has its own responsibilities and tasks they have to perform to help the country succeed and make sure its citizen’s rights are not ignored. The three branches are Legislative, Judicial, and Executive. All three branches use a system of checks and balances to make sure one branch does not become too overpowered. Each decision a branch makes will affect the other two branches. The…

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  • 442nd Battalion Essay

    This was the first bayonet fight of World War Two. The battalion later found him still alive throwing grenades at the German enemy. This is one of the many stories of soldiers in the 442nd battalion. Soldiers just like Kim wanted to prove that Asian Americans cared just as much about their country as any active citizen in the United States. Even though their government and country distrusted them, the 442nd battalion went far and beyond what was expected of any soldier. In the end the Battalion…

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  • The Importance Of The Commander-In-Chief

    given the one that has the most power in our policy system is the Commander-in-Chief aka the President. Not President Obama because his leaving the White House on January 20, 2017 but he is still the Commander-In-Chief until the said date. The upcoming Commander-In- Chief is President Elect Trump. This guy will be one of the most powerful man in the world, next year. The Chief Justices are appointed by the president, and serves for life, just like Anthony Kennedy that was appointed by President…

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  • 3 Branches Of Government Essay

    unconstitutional. Second, it has the power to fund any executive actions. Third, it can remove the president through a process called impeachment. Impeachment occurs when an official is accused…

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  • Describe The Differences Between Sanders And Marco Rubio

    involved in the choosing of each major party. Some of those factors include social criteria such as income, race, and gender. Another form of party identification may be handed down from parents and how they raise you. Voters typically tend to vote for the party that they most identify with and develop an emotional tie. The text tells us that to run for president as an Independent, a candidate must register and petition each state through obtaining a certain number of voters’ signatures…

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  • Importance Of Being A Student Of Law

    Our, once full of life, fraternity president was admitted to the hospital as his vital organs were failing. The emotion on the faces of my brothers was that of distress and shock. In the same week, there was an arson attempt on our fraternity house. Within hours of reporting it, the authorities, the emergency services, the university officials, the national fraternity and the media had shown up at our front door. I stepped up to the role of president pro tempore, accessing and managing the…

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  • Case Analysis: The Wallace Group

    The Wallace Group is a diversified company runs by the President, Harold Wallace, which excels at production and development of electronic products and systems. Further, the company operates in a vertical integration and consists of 3 different operational departments which are Electronics, Plastics and Chemicals. Each department is ran by its own department Vice President and Mr. Wallace keeps the sole control over these 3 departments. Key issues Currently, The Wallace Group is facing a series…

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