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  • White House Reconstruction

    The white house reconstruction was also called the truman reconstruction they started doing the interior of the house in 1949-1952. There were plans of tearing down the hole white house and building it the same way as it was before. Theodore roosevelt put in a tennis court at the white house on the near south side wing of the white house. president obama plays basketball a lot at the white house. Basketball is obama's favorite sport. The tennis court has changed 3 times since 1984.The white house has changed so much since the 1790s. The white house got new air conditioning units in 1952. New elevator was installed in 1951. A new basement got put in in 1950. They added a south porch in 1955. The white house has changed so much since the 1790s.…

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  • Representations Of Otherness In White House By Claude Mckay

    Otherness in today’s society is more apparent today than ever. Otherness is, according to Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary, “the quality or state of being other or different” (Merriam-Webster, 2011). In reviewing the poem, “White House,” by Claude McKay, otherness is represented by his personal view of otherness and his struggle with being a small part of a large institution. In the following analysis you will see many representations of McKay’s belief in otherness. He believed that the…

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  • The White House Claude Mckay Analysis

    “The White House” is a poem written by Claude McKay in 1919 to express the struggles of African Americans with the Jim Crow Laws. McKay was born in Jamaica and his work consisted of poetry, novels, and scientific texts. During this time in America, African Americans were experiencing harsh segregation laws; which caused McKay to portray the struggles of African Americans trying to fit in the society. Title of the poem “The White house” is referring to the whites and the house refers to the…

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  • Adversity In The White House By Langston Hughes

    When facing adversity people either have positive or negative feeling about the outcome. They are either optimistic or pessimistic. In the past, African Americans were under oppression and often expressed their feelings about the future through literature. In his poem, “The White House”, Claude McKay talks about adversity that he has faced trying to fit in the society while Langston Hughes, in his poem “I Too Sing America”, states that he feels that he is an American. While both poems talk about…

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  • The White House Symbolism

    The White House is a symbol of United States democracy, as well as a symbol of Presidential Power. The engraving, The President’s House, From the River (1840) by William Henry Barlett depicts a scene along the Potomac river. The White House can be clearly seen on a hill from the Potomac River among the grass and trees. The President in 1840, when this image was completed, was Martin Van Buren, who was elected in 1837. Symbolism is a common theme throughout the history of The White House. The…

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  • Racial Preferences For Whites: The Houses That Racism Built By Larry Adelman

    Racial Preferences for Whites: The Houses that Racism Built by Larry Adelman, I felt like I understood the idea that he was trying to convey, but at the same time, I felt that he was talking about just a small section of people. I came into reading this piece with my own biases, as does anyone. I am white, I am in the lower middle class, I am suburban, I am not close to by extended family. All of these external factors went into how I comprehended and interpreted the ideas being presented.…

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  • White House Reaction

    This documentary was mainly about the start of the war on terror due to the 9/11 attack in New York City. At first I thought this would be reliant on Bush and his actions taken before, during, and after the war. This documentary wasn’t about Bush nearly as much as I had thought, but mainly about Cheney and Rumsfeld. This documentary showed the actions of the White House as well as outside contributors, and what happened in Iraq due to these actions. The war on terror started out great.…

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  • Examples Of Fascism In The White House

    Fascism in the White House Throughout the past election the word "fascist" has been thrown around both in association of the President of the United States, Donald Trump and former President Barack Obama. This word has a very strong meaning and should not be used to describe a president . According to The American Heritage Dictionary the definition of fascism is, "oppressive or dictatorial control"(Mifflin). President Trump has been accused of many negative things that were simply not true,…

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  • What Are Spiritual Gates

    Gate is both a physical and spiritual realities Every house has a front door which is the gate. Some properties may have several gates. What people don't realize is that individual lives have gates into them. Organizations, communities, villages, towns, cities and nations and there is no exception. All these have spiritual and physical gates just as your eyes are a physical gate and also a spiritual gate. Another example is that man is first and foremost a spirit being, having a physical body…

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  • The Importance Of Historical Movies In Hollywood

    in 1913. They were trying to wake not only politicians, but other women to how important suffrage was for women of all walks of life. Unfortunately what started off as a calm event to raise awareness and funds turned to violence. Although there was violence due to the unwilling ness of the police to protect and the anger of some citizens it did gain new sympathies that would work in its favor. Alike the movie Inez Milholland did in fact ride the white horse at the beginning of the parade. 3Mrs.…

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