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    Setting Physical: There are not many instances in White Teeth that demonstrate physical setting. White Teeth takes place indoors and outdoors. It also takes places it all different types of buildings at different times in the day. Geographical: The story White Teeth takes place in London, England. Specifically, in the suburban areas of Willesden and Killburn near the northern part of London. These places are moderately populated. White Teeth also has many flashbacks to places such as Jamaica, Europe and a couple of other places. Cultural: In the neighborhood where White Teeth takes place, it is extremely diverse. There are many people with different beliefs. Most of the people in this community are considered middle-class citizens. The…

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  • Immigration In White Teeth Thesis

    “The people in White Teeth are immigrants” (“An Interview With Zadie Smith”). Before introducing the topic of this paper it is important to understand a few terms and the history behind the novel White Teeth. Said herself; Zadie Smith claims that the characters in White Teeth are immigrants. With the topic of immigration comes the idea of assimilation, which is the “process by which a person or a group 's language and, or culture come to resemble those of another group” (PowerPoint). Characters…

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  • White Teeth Character Analysis

    Childhood Trauma to a Problematic Adulthood Zadie Smith portrays Samad Iqbal as troubled man. With all the life changing events that could put Samad’s life on hold, Samad chooses to let the little things dominate him. Samad has the idea that he is the head of the family, but with all of his decisions there comes big consequences. In White Teeth, Samad Iqbal distracts his family’s “destiny” by his selfish actions impact Magid and Millat’s psychological behavior into different paths following into…

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  • Identity In Zadie Smith's White Teeth

    White Teeth by Zadie Smith is a satirical glimpse chock-full of characters grappling with their identity. Samad Iqbal and his twin sons, Millat and Magid, are just three of the characters to convey the theme of identity within Smith’s Novel. However, Samad, Millat, and Magid are three obvious characters who’s cultural and familial expectations are major obstacles as they each struggled to establish their identity. Samad Iqbal is an example of a man who struggled with his identity his entire…

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  • Comparing Black Album And White Teeth

    The Black Album and White Teeth are both set in the diverse society of London and have in common that the protagonists are teenager or young adults whose problems may in some ways correspond with the supposed reader/student of a language classroom. These fictional texts not only represent issues of non-belonging, stereotyping, and identity formation, they also have the quality to uncover, through their form, the multiplicity of meanings manifested within a text, owed to an absent authoritarian…

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  • Social Alienation In Zadie Smith's White Teeth

    Moving to a new country comes with a choice, a choice to embrace a foreign culture or alienate oneself with their own culture. In a world that encourages multiculturalism, it is difficult to believe that immigrants face social alienation. In Zadie Smith’s novel White Teeth, the consequences of multiculturalism and assimilation among immigrant communities gives her readers the opportunity to empathize the feelings of social alienation felt amongst immigrants in the world today. Many immigrants…

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  • The Importance Of Past In Zadie Smith's White Teeth

    been said that the present is what matters most. Resolve to live in the now. While that may be true, we often shed importance of our past. Our past dictates who we are and who we will become. For example, take a look at the inspirational Malala Yousafzai, a seventeen year old women’s rights activist. As an adolescent, she was an advocate for girls’ education, which culminated in the Taliban issuing a death threat against her. On October 9, 2012, she was shot in the head by a Taliban gunman. And…

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  • Double Consciousness In Zadie Smith's White Teeth

    Double-Consciousness Essay After relocating to a new country, immigrants are faced with a plethora of issues surrounding their identity. The incoming pioneers are at a crossroad between their native culture and the culture of their new home. This tends to make immigrants either remain unchanged, acculturate themselves into the new culture while preserving the old one, or change their whole image as a person. In Zadie Smith’s novel White Teeth, Samad deals with his double-consciousness by…

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  • Setting And Symbolism In Zadie Smith's Twenty Of White Teeth

    “mountainous curves; buckteeth…impossible Afro hair, and…Coke-bottle spectacles” (Smith 224). Irie’s sadly lacking self-esteem “had subdued” (224) her naturally intelligent and witty personality. The setting, symbolism, and irony in White Teeth play a role in understanding the plot, characters, and purpose of the story. The setting jumps around in the 1970s in London, in 1945 in Germany, and the 1980s in London. The time periods and location is an essential element of the historical theme of…

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  • Persuasive Essay Over Teeth Whitening

    about teeth whitening has developed for consumers who want to brighten their smiles. Since the 1990s, new technology has offered consumers many options to brighten their smiles. There are many options to whiten teeth ranging from over the counter kits, teeth whitening done in salons, spas and kiosks to professional dental procedures done in dental offices under the supervision of a dentist. There are many important factors to consider. People say that teeth whitening is okay to practice outside…

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