White Teeth Character Analysis

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Childhood Trauma to a Problematic Adulthood
Zadie Smith portrays Samad Iqbal as troubled man. With all the life changing events that could put Samad’s life on hold, Samad chooses to let the little things dominate him. Samad has the idea that he is the head of the family, but with all of his decisions there comes big consequences. In White Teeth, Samad Iqbal distracts his family’s “destiny” by his selfish actions impact Magid and Millat’s psychological behavior into different paths following into their early adulthood. Samad Iqbal carries out primitive beliefs about life and how people will end up in the after life. “You must live life with the full knowledge that you actions will remain. We are creatures of consequence… Someday our children
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Samad knows that what he has done damages his family. “ What is done is done. I am hell-bound. I see that now. So I must concentrate on saving my sons. I have a choice to make, a choice of morality” (Smith 138). The choices Samad has made has put Samad into the abyss of sin. There is a choice Samad can make to save his sons, but is it the right choice? Samad doesn’t know what is right, but by separating his sons something good must come to him or at least one of his sons without thinking about how his sons will develop. Samad is eliminating one of his many problems by separating his …show more content…
Millat has an interest of trying new things. Millat wants to be exoctic. Millat is a candidate for a borderline personality disorder. “Borderline personality disorder, which is characterized by a pervasive pattern of instability in affect regulation, impulse control, interpersonal relationships and self-image” (Dalbudak 42). Millat is in search for an identity. With all of the women and drugs he wants to find his fit. Millat finds no true affection that he can return with the people who cares about him. Millat is angry. Millat is trying to find himself while putting himself into rough

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